Get To Know the Top Romantic Vacation Spots around the World

Perhaps you and your wife are planning for a romantic vacation just for the two of you; just like the old days when you were newly married. Well, why not; it is about time you and your wife take some time off from work and household chores and just enjoy the romantic scene brought by sunset at the beach or just sipping your favorite wine at a restaurant in an Italian restaurant.

Whatever romantic scene you’d like to have on your vacation or whatever outdoor activities you’d like to enjoy together, there will surely be one destination that will suit both your vacation cravings and your adventurous personality. Here are some of the top romantic vacation spots around the world which you can consider when planning your romantic getaway;

The Caribean

If you both love the beaches, then any island destination in the Antilles region will be a great spot for your romantic getaway. You can enjoy sunbathing on the beaches of Cuba or do sunset watching while staying in your cabin in Saint Lucia. With great mountain ranges, you can also enjoy outdoor activities like camping and trekking in these two Caribbean romantic vacation spot. Or you can try the mountains of Montserrat or Guadeloupe. If in case you don’t like mountain trekking or camping, the night life in Bahamas or Cayman Islands will surely be on interest to you.

Paris, France

Known to be the most romantic city in the world, Paris will surely be a fitting destination for your romantic vacation. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Eiffel Tower or stroll the lovely Luxembourg Garden. If you love art, you can always take your time to visit the Louvre. Lots of historical places like the Arc of Triomphe and Place de la Concorde can also be included in your itinerary. With regards to hotels, you have more than grand choices such as Hotel Ritz, Hotel de Ville and Hotel Le Bristol. Surely, the romantic ambience of such hotels is enough to complete your vacation.

Venice, Italy

Considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice is a great romantic vacation spot. You and your spouse could enjoy sightseeing on boat or water buses through the famous canals of Venice. You will surely fall in love with this beautiful destination with its architectural grandiose evident with its palaces, museums, piazzas and churches. Or you can visit the famous Venetian Villas. Indulge more with the luxurious ambience of Hotel Cipriani.

Anchorage, Alaska

Who says you can’t get romance and sports all mixed up? If you and your wife both love to ski, you can always opt for a romantic vacation in the ski areas of Anchorage, Alaska. Hilltop Ski area is a destination that you may consider including in your Anchorage itinerary. Enjoy its triple chairlift known as Riblet, the platter lift and the rope tow. Skiing is not the only thing that you can do when in Anchorage. You can also enjoy visiting the museums, the sports centers as well as enjoy the nightlife offered by the lines of bars and restaurants in the district.

Bangkok, Thailand

Have a taste of Asian culture when you visit Bangkok in Thailand. Known to be home of some of the best spa experiences in the world, you and your spouse could both enjoy a relaxing massage or two. And you don’t even have to go to a spa salon as your hotel will probably have a great spa service offered. When it comes to food, you will surely enjoy Thai cuisine just like most tourists do.

Enjoy dishes like Satay pork, Panang Curry with beef, hot and sour soup with shrimp, etc. Aside from these, you can also enjoy strolling at different parks and Wats around the city. Love shopping? Then, you can enjoy shopping at some of Asia’s largest mall. Nightlife also abounds in this city.

These are just some of the top romantic vacation spots around the world that you might want to consider when planning your vacation. These spots are also great for newly weds as they are famous honeymoon destinations as well.