Get to Know the Benefits of Project Management Training

The reason why managers of projects do not get adequately trained is because the Executives in IT assume that the training given to them is sufficient. This is not because CIOs do not think training of managers of projects is not important. The importance just happens to take a backseat because they have so many pressing issues on their minds. It is generally assumed that employees are being continuously trained, therefore a high standard and discipline is being maintained. But if project management is practiced to a higher degree there will be greater success of project delivery.

Some organizations recruit specific personnel for management of projects, and most times they assume that because the individual has past experience or training on the subject, they do not need any further direction or supervision. Also, it is expected that these individuals should always be successful and deliver a completed project in record time, but it should be understood that there are other factors to consider. The size of the organization, their location and other variable elements should be taken into consideration despite the project manager’s skill and experience.

It is common knowledge that most organizations prefer a project manager who is experienced. The companies do not intend a training program for managers of projects as they are experienced. At the same time, most organizations change their methods of operations from time to time to achieve the desired goals. Hence, it is considered good to arrange for a training program for managers of projects, in spite of their experience. Moreover, changes are imminent in the corporate world. The project managers must know the latest techniques so that they follow them and achieve greater goals. So, a training program is a must for the newly hired project management staff, though they are experienced.

It´s not very good to have existing project management staff spending too much time teaching project manager recruits, because even if it is true that they can give an insight of the current methods used in their work, they already have their own responsibilities that need their full attention. The issue is that training new managers will interfere with their efficiency and effectiveness in their job.

As per the decisions of IT executives, the technical staff should not be allowed to work as project manager as they may not be so efficient and trained even if they have advance knowledge in the IT field. It does not mean that the staff is not efficient, but to manage a project there are so many objectives and methods which will not be understood by inexperienced and untrained staff.