Get Rid of Back Acne – Treatment Tips

Go to target or Wal-Mart and purchase a “Back Attack” and the gold dial antibacterial soap ( not the scented ones the gold bar). It has been called a lot of things but it is a long loofa with handles on both ends (a long strip) sometimes you can find them with terry cloth on the back. Use it every time you shower not bathe but shower. Soap that baby up and scrub your back. Do this at least three times. It works! But you have to be consistent. Dry your back off thoroughly and put nothing such as lotions, powders or ointments on your back.

Always put on a clean top or shirt. Your back has to stay clean and the loofa and soap will scrub away the sweat and oil on your back as well as help you remove dead skin cell thus, improving the color and texture of your skin. Make sure you rinse your loofa and hang to dry so that it does not contract bacteria and you will have to replace it maybe every three to six months. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive products to get results. You do this every time you shower and you will have a picture perfect back that will look good in any halter top.

Here are some common sense ways to control your acne:

Wash your face twice a day. Be gentle, don’t scrub your face, because you’ll irritate your face and possibly make your acne worse

Take extreme care when popping your pimples. There are correct ways to pop white heads, black heads and zits. Other types of pimples or lesions should not be popped or squeezed. Seek advice from you dermatologist if these lesions are causing you discomfort.

Avoid products that can clog your pores like cosmetics and other facial products.

Don’t use any products that contain oil. You are trying to get rid of excess oil and not adding to it.

Take care not to damage your skin in the sun. Some acne products can react to the sun irritating your skin There are many products on the market that can help control your acne. Many are over the counter remedies and a few require you to consult with a physician and receive a prescription for treatment.

Many women are prescribed birth control pills to control acne. Birth Control pills actually control the hormones which commands the sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum. Birth Control pills have shown their effectiveness and safety in a many case studies.

Your dermatologist may also consider an antibiotic. Antibiotics kill the Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that cause infection. This treatment may not be long term but may help with a serious outbreak. There are also a host of medicated lotions that cleanse the pores and exfoliate the dead skin and bacteria on the infected area.

Controlling your acne and caring for your face can make a huge difference on the severity and length of your acne outbreaks, so do some research on a treatment that might be best for you.