Get Rich While Helping People

I was watching 60 Minutes one night. They were re-running a story on Jimmy Buffett. Not so much a story about his music. Rather a story about him as a business success. (If you didn’t know, he is very wealthy.)

A whole lot of musicians make music without making money. A whole lot of nurses help patients without making money. A whole lot of teachers help kids without making money.
“A whole lot of loan officers help people without making money!”

I saw a piece on some TV show one morning, about a doctor who does all kinds of reconstructions of body parts in latex for survivors of cancer, etc.

One lady has had to wear sunglasses everywhere she goes since she was a little kid, when she had to get radiation treatment for retinal cancer. It left quite an ugly cavity in, and around, her right eye.

They asked the doc how much these things cost. Some of which take 6 months or a year to construct.

He said, “Oh, only about $2,000.00 to $12,000.00. I’m not in this for the money.”

I found this ridiculous.

Sure, some of your patients can’t even pay you $500.00. But some can pay $100,000.00!

If you’re gonna be a hippie about all this, why not charge the rich guy who needs a normal looking nose $100,000.00 for that.and then the little 5 year-old girl who needs an ear, and her mom and dad are broke.just give her hers for free?

You would be.oh about $85,000.00 to $100,000.00 better off over those 2 “deals.” And you could get rich while helping people. And providing in both cases more value than you received in compensation.

I’m doing this tomorrow with this month’s “charity deal.” Saving a lady’s house for only $3,000, because that’s all there is to be made on it. I do one of these every month, just to help someone. Without me, she’d lose the house.

And if you are still uncomfortable with money, you can give most of it to charity. Having done yet more good for the world.

“But if you never get the dough, you can’t give anything to charity!”

I just paid my monthly bills, and stroked a check to charity whose amount would surprise many people. But I couldn’t do this if I didn’t first get the money.

And this doctor on TV was about 50-60 years old. Hey doc, how about you make some money before you retire, so you don’t have to live on Social Security, eat cat food, and take your medication every other day?

He’ll be the same guy b!tch!ing in retirement that he’s broke, and that the taxpayer should bail him out. A Kerry-Edwards sticker on his Volkswagen Beetle. .when he worked “for free” all those years!
“And he could have been very wealthy, and done a ton of good for charity.all at the same time!”

Did you know that the “eeeeeevil” Bill Gates gave $3.3 billion to charity in 2004? See what I mean? If they’re gonna call you a d!ck anyway, you may as well have some dough, and do some good. F@ck ’em if they wanna talk $#!t about you!
“The higher you climb up the pole, the more your @$$ sticks out!”

Mediocre people always complain about successful people, and you can’t let it bother you. Besides, no one ever erected a statue for a critic.

PRICE AND VALUE: I had a lady last week b!tch!ng about paying me an $11,000.00 broker fee. This almost never happens, by the way, because of how I do everything else leading up to taking the application and the signing of the GFE.

But this time it did happen. Largely because she’s an “internal auditor” for a big hospital here. It’s just part of her personality to be picky about money. Even to the point of not making any sense at all.

I told her, “Look, you’re saving $1,182.00 a month of take-home pay, you’re getting $23,000.00 in CASH, 2 months no bills.” and I went on to show her how much that monthly savings was annually, then in pre-tax money, then added the 2 months no bills to it, then the CASH, and I said “You’re $50K+ better off in the first year alone. But I’m not doing this for free.”

“I went to my desk and brought back a stack of checks I have not yet deposited into the bank, and I showed her how she was actually paying less than others had!”

She signed.

I did some other things, told her some other things. Showed her some other stuff. A whole lot of SECRET stuff I can’t talk about here, but I will at the Summit here in April.

You’ll just have to wait.

Oh, but about Jimmy Buffett. He sells escapism. I do too. You had better make sure you do.

That lady I just mentioned, I saw on her credit how the credit cards are 2-3 months behind each. How she’s been rolling 30’s on her mortgage for the last year. How her score is 514, and about to go under 500.

“I said ‘Aren’t you sick and tired of all these creditors calling you day and night? At home and at work? Because I know for d@mned certain they are. I ain’t new at this!'”

Put yourself in your borrowers shoes and you’ll sell more. And you cannot help them if you can’t sell them. So don’t feel “guilty” about this.

If I hadn’t “sold her” on me, her score goes under 500 the next month, and eventually, she loses the house.