Get Rich By Flowing With And Against Mass Mind

One of the greatest secrets that set the super rich or the wealthy elite from the average masses is the understanding of when to flow with and against the mass mind. The rich think and do things very differently from most people and that is why they get very different results. It is what sets them far apart from the rest. Money is energy that moves according to the flow of collective consciousness in this world. Therefore if you want to gain and keep as much money as possible, you have to flow in the right way.

What keeps the poor as poor is in the way they think, and what makes you change from being poor to rich is by changing your thinking to the way the rich think. A person who makes the most amount of money has thoughts and actions that are in vibrational harmony with manifesting that reality. Some of the revelations of the rich perception can be shockingly controversial compared to mass perception of reality. When you can overcome limitation perception that the masses couldn’t, unlimited wealth is yours.

The ordinary way to think about selling and promotion in this world is to sell and promote the best or highest quality product that you believe in. It would be the best way to do business if the world was an ideal place, but that is not the reality that we work with. Most people do not have the discernment to recognize the best or the highest quality product when they see it. If fact, most people do not even really know what’s good for them at all. Therefore, you have to think differently if you want great success.

All products in this world are sold by influencing the perception of people. A product that is best selling may not necessarily be of the highest quality but it is perceived by the masses to be the best to buy because of marketing. The truly best or highest quality product may be second best selling or in some cases, it could even be a poor selling product. But having many people buy a product that’ll benefit them some way is still a better scenario for all, than having only a few people buy the best of its kind.

The amount of money you make is a reflection of how much value you create in this world. But value is very much a matter of perception that is not just your own but other people’s perception mainly. This is especially so when it comes to doing business which is a form of value exchange. In order for money as a form of energy to flow from another conscious source to you, it has to will it to you. The will of other people is directed by their desire which is influenced by their perception of what they find value in.

One man’s junk may be another man’s treasure. So if the masses are more inclined to buying something you think is junk but you sell them what they are less inclined to buy which you think is treasure, you are going against the flow in a way that does not benefit either side. They need to buy what you think is junk because it is their stage of evolution and they cannot advance without experiencing their own reflection at that stage. You will also make more money for yourself by selling people what they’ll buy.

Every act of consumption in this world is for the purpose of growth. If you try to sell people hard meat when they are only ready for milk, then you are denying their growth. You have to feed them milk first as long as it takes until the masses shift to going for meat, when that ever happens. Creating great wealth is all about benefiting as many people as possible. So if you want to be super rich, you’ve to think in terms of selling to the crowd instead of the elite few, unless you make much more by selling to those.

Of course you should also choose to sell something that you can enjoy selling. Happiness is about balance. You would not be most happy selling something that makes you the most money but is really a lot less enjoyable than if you were to sell something else instead. You must have harmony of intentions if you want to have everything you desire in life. As long as you can harmonize your intentions of making lots of money and doing what you love, you can be truly more rich and more happy than others.

The super rich also know when to go against the flow of mass mind by not buying what most people will buy, and buying what most people don’t buy. The super rich are more evolved in their wealth consciousness and therefore they go for the things that are of higher value which the crowd tend to be limited to. The super rich sell what they themselves may not buy, but because it is what the crowd will go for. It is meant to be that way anyway, since money changes hands to those more worthy in handling it.

It is the thinkers that make money. The majority of the population find it so hard to think. Most people would rather die than to do some serious thinking. That’s why those that think grow rich, and mainly from those that do not think. Most people would rather get through life by paying other people to do all the thinking for them. Do not cast pearls before swine lest they trample on it. Sell swine food to swine and manna to angels. This is the wealth secret that will turn your entirely philosophy of selling around.

In the end, wealth is making lots of sales selling what others want to buy because they think it’s what they want, while you simply use what you know is best for you, without trying so hard to convince the masses that it’s what they should have because they’re just not going to listen anyway. The mantra of all sales champions is to sell what the market wants. The Tao says we should go with the universal flow instead of fighting futilely against it. Understanding mass mind is enlightenment to super wealth.