Get More Out of Your Directory Submission Effort

How can you increase your chances for acceptance in directories? There are restrictions to being accepted by a directory and if you don’t follow the rules or guidelines set down by the directory you are most likely not going to be accepted. Affordable and effective website promotion methods considered today for internet business owners are the use of directory submissions. Some of the rules for directory submissions are in fact not written in the regulations of the directory itself and there is a right way and a wrong way to go about directory submissions.

There are thousands of SEO directories available online and they all have guidelines that must be followed and you need to ensure you follow the correct steps to ensure acceptance or at least have the highest possible chance to have your submission and your website accepted. These rules apply if you are submitting to the directory yourself or if you obtain the services of a directory submission company.

1. Submission of Home Pages only.
Some of the SEO directories available to you will only allow acceptance of your home page and generally deep linking is not allowed from these particular directories. There are some directories that state they will permit deep linking with an individual page URL or using a sub-folder and generally you will be accepted if you try to use deep linking. However if it is not stated that there is deep-linking then you will most certainly find your submission is rejected.

2. Keyword targeting and website titles.
When you are submitting your entry you are generally asked for your website title. Usually three to five words are permitted in the website title field; if your website title itself is very long then this may mean your submissions are rejected regardless. This title usually will be the anchor text detail that will be used to link back to your website. This field therefore is a very important aspect in the directory submission process. Some directories will request the website title be used and others will let you use some keyword targeting as well. Either way you still need to ensure that your title and keyword information is within the guidelines or rules of the directory submission site.

3. Category selection is a vital factor in directory submissions.
You must ensure that you select the correct category for your directory submissions. This point cannot be stressed enough. If you choose an incorrect category or an unrelated category it is almost certain that your submission will be rejected. The directories generally state in their rules or guidelines that you need to select the deepest category option available. That means you need to choose the category that is most directly related to your business product or service and website. The deepest category is in fact the best option for you anyway and for your website but you need to be very thoughtful when selecting the category you wish to be listed under. Good category choice improves your acceptance rate but also is the best assistance for your website as it will allow the directory listing to provide a contextual link back to your page rather than a standard back link that may not be relevant to your business. The contextual links back to your page are much more important for your ranking and overall business visibility than a standard back link.

4. Free Email Addresses.
Using a free email address during the directory submission will often also mean that your submission is rejected. Make sure that you are using the domain email address rather than a free email address option. The directories see this almost as a non person requesting entry to the directory and can, as stated, in many cases reject your request for submission.

The above pointers should give you a background into some of the requirements you need to keep in mind when submitting to directories. Following these simple guidelines can increase your chances of acceptance. Other options for increased acceptance are to use the services of a directory submission service for promotion of your website. They will be able to give you a higher acceptance rate and a much better result for the investment of time and money to create the submissions yourself.

Follow these tips above and you will find whether you submit to the directories yourself or you are using a directory submission service that you will have a much higher acceptance rate and the aim of course is to improve the volume of traffic to your website. By following the directory requirements you actually have a much better result because your entries will be relevant and therefore interested parties are more likely to be relevant to your product or business service therefore increasing your opportunity for profit.