Get Football Fever With Cleveland Browns Tickets

Cleveland Browns tickets are a great way to catch on some real football fever. Not only will you see some great action on the field but you will also be witness to some of the most loyal and vocal fan following in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns are affiliated with the American Football Conference and the AFC North under the National Football League. The Browns’ home turf is the Cleveland Browns Stadium and the team has a 13 Division Championships, 11 Conference Championships and 8 League Championships to their name.

Starting Strong
The Browns were officially born in 1946 and immediately distinguished themselves as a strong team on the field. They were also blessed with tremendous support from their fans and from their earliest days, Cleveland Browns tickets always sold well. Through the 1950s the team played very strong football, advancing to the championships on more than one occasion. The team also had some extremely good players like Ray Renfro.

In 1957, the Browns drafted a young man called Jim Brown who became one of the star attractions for the team. While things seemed to be going well on the field, off the field it was a whole different story. A power struggle was taking place between Jim Brown, Art Modell and Paul Brown. In 1964, the Browns had yet another championship season but it would their last.

Kardiac Kids and Controversy
When Paul Brown left the team, the Browns suffered greatly, with the season record dipping to 4-10 in 1974. The Browns began to pick up the pace in 1976 and soon had established a core set of players who performed well on the field. By 1979, they were known as the Kardiac Kids since they kept playing such close games. 1980 proved to be a memorable year for the Browns and its fans as well. All those who had bought Cleveland Browns tickets were rewarded with seeing a real dream season with the Kardiac Kids playing at their best.

1981 wasn’t so dreamy however and the Browns began to slip. It wasn’t until 1984 that the team would begin to show improvement once again and by 1986, the Browns were showing impressive performances in their defensive plays. The team made a name as one of the elite teams in the NFL and things seemed to be going well until trouble of another kind began brewing in the nineties.

In 1995, owner Art Modell announced his plans to move the team to Baltimore and was met with overwhelming resistance from fans. Over 100 lawsuits were filed and even actor Drew Carey came down to Cleveland to join what was known as the Fan Jam, a protest held to keep the Browns in Cleveland. The Browns stayed and the fans showed their power once again when a controversy erupted in 2005 against team president John Collins.

Needless to say, the biggest buyers of Cleveland Browns tickets are its loyal fans, a following that has the distinction of being the most loyal in the NFL. Studies have shown that roughly 99.8% of the seats are taken by Browns fans. Join the football fever and get your Cleveland Browns tickets by ordering online through an authorized ticket vendor.