Get Blown Away With Buffalo Bills Tickets

Buffalo Bills tickets aren’t just for any football fan. Just like the original Buffalo Bill, these boys play a mean game of football and have a reputation for being one of the most powerful teams. Not only have the Bills been home to some of football’s biggest stars, but they’ve also racked up an impressive collection of championships too.

The Buffalo Bills play under the National Football League and are also a part of the American Football Conference and the AFC East. The Bills play their home games from the Ralph Wilson Stadium and currently hold two league championships, four conference championships and a whopping ten division championships.

Getting Down And Defensive

The Buffalo Bills first hit the field in 1959 and seemed to start off on the wrong foot, becoming the first and only NFL team to lose to a Canadian football team in 1961. However they were quickly establishing themselves as a powerful defensive team as well. The Bills began to gradually build their offensive power until they began to emerge as a truly powerful team.

By the 1970s, the Bills acquired one of their most famous or perhaps infamous players of all. OJ Simpson would become the face of the Buffalo Bills in the seventies, fronting a group of core players known as the Electric Company. By now Buffalo Bills Tickets were becoming a popular item as football enthusiasts across the country came to watch OJ and his boys work their magic on the field.

K-Gun And The Cooling Off

By the eighties, Buffalo Bills tickets were one of the hottest football tickets on the circuit. The team had added more powerhouse players to its arsenal, like Jim Kelly who often took the shotgun formation, thus originating the term K-Gun. However Super Bowl stardom seemed to be just slipping beyond the team’s grasp each time. While they were able to rake in the Division titles, they weren’t able to make that big win.

By 1996, heavyweights like Kelly were running out of steam and after that season Kelly retired. The loss hit the Bills hard, who finished their 1997 season with a 6-10 season record.

From 1998 onwards, the Bills have been trying to shake up their team, trying to get that winning formula together. This includes bringing on players like Doug Flutie who has been a huge fan draw and the reason for a number of Buffalo Bills ticket sales. In 1999 the Bills became involved in one of the most controversial plays in football known as the Music City Miracle against the Tennessee Titans. During the game, a controversial touchdown was made by the Titans which was incredibly close to being an illegal play. However, all replays proved to be inconclusive and the touchdown as allowed. The Titans then advanced to the Super Bowl and The Bills seemed to sink further into their slump.

The Bills have been putting a remarkable amount of effort into their performances on the field and are driving towards a playoff berth and even a slot at the Super Bowl. You can watch them by getting your Buffalo Bills tickets online from an authorized ticket vendor. This will even save you the hassle of waiting in line for tickets.