Genital Warts and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a state when a woman has mixed feelings about everything. As a mother, she only wants the best for her unborn child. No mother would like to pass on her STD to her unborn child. Genital warts can be passed on during pregnancy or birth. This doesn’t happen always. If a wart is removed, the chances of transmitting the diseases are reduced drastically.

A woman, who is pregnant, has to be very careful, as anything she does or eat can affect her child. This is a time when you must trust nobody but your doctor for any medical problem. The doctor will be able to tell you how to rid yourself of the genital warts.

Over the counter medications are available in abundance. Do not try any of these products, as most of them have very high doses of salicylic acid. This acid is very dangerous and will harm the unborn child. Ladies, who are not pregnant can try these products or opt for oral medication. Pregnant women must never take any medication without consulting her obstetrician. Oral medicines for genital warts like Podofilox are so strong that they can be passed on to the unborn child. These medicines are known to cause deformities in the child.

Women, who have HPV, can have healthy pregnancies too. A little bit of caution and care have to be practiced. If a lady has a history of warts, she is likely to get a lot of genital warts during pregnancy and they will be bigger too. Pregnancy makes a woman more prone to infections and viruses. This happens because the immune system is suppressed during pregnancy.

A wart may cause all the usual symptoms and over and above that, some complications too. If the wart is too big, it can block the birth canal. Sometimes the wart may not block the birth canal but still will be big enough. During labor the wart may begin bleeding and can cause a life endangering situation too. The doctors will examine the wart and if they have any doubts or fears they will go for a caesarian section.

There is a chance that your baby may get the HPV virus from you. The virus stays dormant in small children up to the age of three. The warts will then affect the genitals or throat. For kids, usually laser surgery is done to remove the genital warts as it may even cause some breathing troubles.

Your obstetrician knows you for the last nine months of your life. With each regular visit, a bond is formed between both of you. You trust her and she knows what is best for you. Genital warts are a disease which cannot be hidden from your doctor, so contact her at the earliest. Listen to the doctor and don’t try any medication without consulting him first. A delivery is a safe delivery when the child is safe in your arms and you are healthy enough to take care of the child. Trust your doctor’s judgment and cooperate with him/her to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.