Gearing Up For Skydiving

There’s more to skydiving gear than just a couple of weights and jumpsuits. There are other accessories that you will need if you want to jump safely high up in the air. Here are the things you need to have around to get into this extreme sport.

Altitude Helpers

One of the most essential gadgets for a skydiver is an altimeter and there are a lot of varieties to choose from. Choose an altimeter that is easy to read and comes with a warranty. Buy from stores that offer a lifetime warranty. This is especially helpful just in case you accidentally drop it in the creeper pad.

Audible Warning Devices

These devices may not be as important but wearing this when you skydive can give you security benefits. You may not depend on it so much but having a warning device that alarms when you exceed your altitude is definitely helpful. These are particularly useful if you are a skydiver who wants to get into freefly, flat-fly and breaking off high. This gadget helps because every freefall time changes every time you dive.

If you’re serious about freeflying most professionals advice that you must have an audible as a safety gear that guides you when you travel in higher speeds.

Audible devices can come in different kinds from the basic models to the more advanced which actually turns into a log book that records freefall time and speed and sync up with your computer as part of your statistics. In fact the more features an audible device has, the more expensive it is.

Protective Helmets

Another essential skydiver’s gear is a helmet. Should you decide on purchasing one then you should consider safety and comfort. Do take the time on finding one that fits you perfectly. For extra protection, you can purchase a full-face helmet. This accessory is good for those who wear contact lenses.

On the other hand, going with open-faced helmets let’s you communicate better because your face is more exposed. But wearing open-faced helmets exposes both your mouth and jaw. Another pair of goggles would have to be purchased to get more protection.

Another protective accessory is the leather frappe hats. These hats are essential for a skydiver but give little protection when it comes to injuries. This is a great choice especially if you’re an experienced diver.

Glove Protection

Gloves are necessary to protect your hands. Wearing one protects you from scratches, burns, accidents and the cold weather. Get one that is thick enough so that it protects you from the cold and thin enough so that you’re still sensitive enough to feel your handles. To get the perfect glove to skydive, purchase one from a specialty store and not your regular sports shop.

Hook Knives Safety

Having hook knives around is necessary for skydiving. You’ll need this should you encounter a line-over malfunction with you reserve chute. There are lots of hook knives to choose from. Choose the ones that you not only prefer but that is handy enough to fit your rig. Never place your hook knife near your chest area because you’ll lose it right away.

The best place for this gadget is right in your leg. Keep your knife blades sharp by not using it for other purposes.