Gauging the Effectiveness of Your Nutritional Supplements

You’ve been taking vitamins for a week, but you don’t feel any different. You examine yourself in the mirror, but everything seems normal. In the back of your mind, you wonder, Are the vitamins working? But how are you going to tell?

Though you have to be patient, if you’re taking the right nutritional supplements and/or vitamins for your needs (based on health, age, lifestyle, and gender), you will absolutely begin to see some changes thanks to these holistic healers. However, the alterations are so subtle that you may miss them if youre not looking attentively.

Here, well examine a few ways to gauge the effectiveness of your nutritional supplements:
1. Keep a Log

If you want to see how your mind and body is changing thanks to nutritional supplements, you would be wise to chart your progress day-by-day in a journal or (if youre computer literate) a spreadsheet.

For instance, each morning, write down such items as how you slept, how your body feels in terms of aches and pains, and other relevant physical elements. Throughout the day, keep a note on your moods and mental responses to experiences. Also add which vitamins you took that day and when.

At first, such a log may seem a tedious task. But over time, you’ll begin to see some patterns emerging. Perhaps you’ll realize that the days of waking up exhausted (as if you didnt get enough sleep, though you know you did) are few and far between. Or you’ll suddenly see that its been four weeks since your left shoulder throbbed with bursitis pain every morning on your ride to work. Its little items like that which help you see how your nutritional supplements and vitamins are making an impact.
2. Ask for Others Opinions

Sometimes, you are the last person in your household or among your circle of friends and family to recognize how vitamins and nutritional supplements are making a difference!

Dont underestimate how much information you can get just by asking loved ones their opinions. You can be specific, such as, Have you noticed anything different about my moods?, or you can just beg a general, Is there anything different about me lately?Though the nutritional supplements might only be part of the reason for the answers youll receive, its likely that they’ve had some kind of bearing on what other’s are seeing.
3. Get a Medical Test

Haven’t had blood work since before you started taking nutritional supplements and vitamins? Then it’s high time to get some done, especially if you’re taking the holistic remedies to try and reduce high cholesterol.

Even if you have to pay out of pocketfor this type of test, it may be worth it. After all, if you discover that your cholesterol has plummeted from 252 to 191 in just over six months and the only thing you’ve changed is your eating habits and the vitamins and nutritional supplements you’re ingesting, it’s a good sign that youre doing something right.

Chances are, your physician will also be interested in knowing if your nutritional supplements are influencing you at all, too.

Yes, it can be frustrating waiting for your vitamins and nutritional supplements to take hold, but know that with a little patience, you can discover just how much of an impact they are making on you.