Gardening as a Hobby

Living in the city has a lot of perks, but available space for gardening generally isn’t one of them. Whether you only have a small patch of dirt to call your own, or no space to even plant a single flower, indoor gardening can be the answer.

A little different that its outdoor counterpart, indoor gardening still provides the perks of hobby gardening outdoors. The plants involved might be different, but it’s still fun to watch them grow and nurture them along the way. Besides, houseplants are ideal for sprucing up a home, cleaning the air and even for helping a homeowner or renter find a great new hobby. What can be achieved indoors will amaze, too.

The options for indoor gardens range from simple kitchen window herb gardens in a single planter to hanging and setting pots scattered throughout a home. Some vegetables will even grow well indoors under the right lighting circumstance.

For those new to gardening at all, however, the undertaking can be a bit overwhelming at first. If you’re not a natural green thumb, here are some easy to grow planting recommendations for starting your own indoor garden paradise. They include:

* Pothos. This plant goes by a bunch of different names, but in general it’s one of the easiest in the world to grow. It has heart-shaped leaves that grow on a vine. This plant thrives in low light and is tough to kill. It only requires water about once a month.
* Spider plant. A favorite for beginners, this plant looks awesome and grows like no one’s business indoors. Give a spider plant water and medium light and it will take off. Watch out though, when this one takes off, it really takes off.
* Herb gardens. Even pre-planted herb gardens in window boxes tend to do well in most homes. Try setting these in the kitchen window and follow instructions.
* Flowers such as bromeliads can do very well indoors. These will vary in difficulty for indoor growing, but if you ask around, you’re sure to find one to suit your planting expertise level (or lack thereof).
* Some trees are perfect for indoor pot growing. The ficus is one example of a tree that’s great inside and hard to kill, too.

Even if you live in a small apartment without its own porch area, there’s no reason to completely forgo a little bit of the great outdoors. Bring it inside by creating a garden that grows well in home settings. Doing so will not only spruce up a home, but also provide a fun hobby.