Gardening and Your Veranda

A little bit of imagination can really bring your veranda to life. Verandas are the perfect place for the addition of plants and with a little care, some resourcefulness and a pair of green hands you can really create a very attractive outdoor area.

The veranda is obviously a transition zone between the inside and outside, and is commonly roofed which restricts the light somewhat. However, there is a selection of vines and plants that can really compliment a veranda. Obviously, one of the other things to consider is the climate. Even if you have access to a veranda, certain countries are always going to have colder weather and so choosing hardier plants is advised.

When selecting plants, remember that the veranda is a living area and so plants may grow and become large and so will require a lot of pruning. This sort of plants would be inappropriate for a small veranda, and can also create problems for smaller plants. Avoid plants that shed a lot of their leaves and twigs as these have to be cleaned up after regularly.

How to Mind Plants
Plants are usually grown in some sort of container on a veranda. In this case it is important to prevent the roots drying out. This can be done by ensuring containers are large, well-watered and plants are mulched heavily. Try covering the soil with a layer of gravel to ensure the moisture is retained.

Certain breeds of plants also are better suited to growing in pots and the addition of good quality potting soil is also advised.

Of course, plants in verandas should be well fed as nutrients are easily lost during the leaching process through the draining of water. Slow release fertilisers limit the amount of nutrition lost through leaching.

What Plants?
Some plants are better suited than others to being placed on a veranda, and for those in the UK we would advise the use of hardier plants. Cacti, Asparagus Fern, Ivy, Mondo Grass, Roses, Bromeliads, Miniature Conifers and other forms of ferns often are ideal plants to display on a veranda, helping to bring the outdoors and indoors closer together.

Of course, the addition of potted flowers and plants in the summer is a great idea, creating an element of seasonality and colour to the veranda. These can look especially attractive on the edge of the veranda in hanging baskets. Once again, remember to consider how big you anticipate these plants to grow, as you wonÂ’t want your view to be restricted.

Verandas can really add an element of colour, brightness and excitement to your home all year round and make the perfect place for relaxing, gardening and just living.