Gardening Advice – Benefits of Gardening

Gardening can be enjoyed by the whole family including children. Especially plants like pumpkins watermelons and sunflowers. The children will just love it at halloween when they get to carve out the pumpkin or help bake and salt the sunflower seeds. We will give you gardening advice and a great resource for all your gardening needs. Transform your garden into delightful place to spend a few hours a week and you will enjoy the rewards at the end of the season. Growing organic vegetables in your own garden is the best way of getting the most nutrients in them. Store bought vegetables can be grown in greenhouses where they are sprayed with many chemicals and pesticides to help them grow and last longer on the grocery shelf’s. Remember, do not use any chemicals or fertilizers on your garden. Whatever is in your garden will end up in your vegetables. The more nutrients in the soil the more nutrients will be in your vegetables. And they will taste great.

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is a tool to abate life’s stress, enhance the environment, develop individuals, and build communities. An estimated 40% of Americans find that being around plants makes them feel relaxed and calm. Retreating to a garden can renew energy, create a sense of peace, and restore well-being. As you garden, you are cultivating an appreciation and sensitivity for the environment and the natural rhythm of life that plants and gardens impart. Working in the yard digging, planting, weeding, and raking is good exercise. There are various kinds of gardens and they are named according to their characteristic features like rock garden, water garden, wild garden, terrace garden, kitchen garden and formal garden. Kitchen gardens can be made both outdoors and indoors. Combinations can also be made, for example, a rock garden can be built in one corner, and the rest of the garden can be carpeted with a lawn, edged by flowerbeds.

The benefits of gardening are well-documented; formal programs in horticultural therapy use plants and plant-related activities to promote health and wellness for an individual or group. Horticultural therapy has been used to improve mobility, muscle coordination and strength, balance, endurance, socialization, and memory skills. Planting, weeding, and tending can divert thoughts about yourself and your situation.

The colors and aromas of flowers can ease depression and anxiety. There is also tremendous satisfaction in growing your own flowers to cut and use indoors, your own culinary herbs for making oils and vinegars, or your own vegetables for meals or sharing with friends. A garden should be designed carefully as it is nearly permanent, and it is not possible to change the design frequently. This combines aesthetics, artistry, knowledge of plants and their growth and how to maintain the garden during different seasons. Landscaping is essentially designing and laying out of a garden in all its elements, which include the lawn, rocks, shrubs, trees, pathways, seasonal plants, etc.