Garage Sales — Creating a System

Preparing for a garage sale can take more time than the actual garage sale so make sure you map out your calendar several days before the intended garage sale. The ideal days for holding an individual garage sale is on Fridays or weekends because most people are free during those days and will have more time to come to your sale. Individual garage sales, because you may be participating in a neighborhood garage sale so you don’t have a choice but to follow the scheduled date of the sale.

Make sure you spend enough time rummaging the whole house and the yard for items that should go in the sale. Set a specific time or day for rummaging through different areas so you can classify the items accordingly.

You wouldn’t want to accidentally part with important items during a garage sale so make sure that you have marked the items carefully while doing the inventory for your garage sale. You can do this by creating a system when doing the inventory like putting the items you have rummaged in specific boxes or containers.

Holding a garage sale is just like starting a small business so you should set up a good system for preparing your inventory, pricing them and storing them properly. You will find many things during your search for items so make sure you put those items where they belong.

Prepare several large boxes and label them properly so that you can just throw items easily as you find them. An easy classification would be one box each for items that you want to keep, items that you want to sell but need some repairs or brushing up, items that you have decided to be a part of the garage sale inventory and of course, a box for items which you want to throw away.

Creating a system will help you become more detailed and orderly in your garage sale. It will also help you clean up your house in the guise of looking for items for the garage sale. That would mean hitting two birds with one stone, cleaning up and then preparing your garage sale inventory.

Your system should be thorough in the sense that you dispose of items that you haven’t used for quite a long time and which you don’t see any future use for. Don’t get carried away by the thought that some items may still be useful or some clothes may still fit you if you lose an inch or two. This would only prevent you from properly disposing your things for the garage sale and you may end up not having a garage sale at all.

Be careful when classifying things because there may be items which you may want to throw out but it may be considered by other people, especially buyers, as a good item. As long as it is in good shape and it can still serve its purpose then go ahead and throw them in the “for sale” box.

Creating a system for the garage sale will mean being able to classify the items accordingly. Make sure you organize the items according to their kind like putting clothing in one box, shoes in another box and books in another box. The more items you have then the more boxes you should label.

If you have a lot of clothing wear for the garage sale you should make use of clothes hangers so they will look organized and appealing to the buyers. Buyers will only think lowly of clothing wear that is crumpled and scattered in a box. Put more value on your items by arranging them properly and displaying them in a creative manner.

Potential buyers will want to know what kind of items will be on sale during the garage sale so if you have already created a good system then you won’t have a hard time writing down their classifications. These classifications can be bulleted in your signage and leaflets so the buyers will know what items will be on display during the garage sale.

A successful garage sale will mostly depend on the kind of items you will place on display but more importantly on the system you have established even before the garage sale. Creating a good system includes proper placement of price tags on various items that are for sale and tags or signage for items that aren’t for sale.

Once you have created a good system for your garage sale, it will make you more relaxed and able to greet buyers with a smile when you open your garage to them during the garage sale. Avoid being harassed because it might make you grumpy and irritable when customers repeatedly ask you for the price of the items and haggle with you.

Remember that once you have successfully held a garage sale, it doesn’t mean that this will be your last garage sale. So go ahead, be creative and establish a system that will make your garage sale easy as a breeze. And don’t forget, dispose of your unwanted stuff and make money.