Game Hunting – The Skills And Equipment Required

Game hunting is both highly exhilarating as well as very dangerous. A wounded bear is a dangerous foe indeed and even a wounded deer have turned on their attacker on occasion. Having the right equipment and being prepared is essential if it is going to be a successful days hunting.

The first thing you need to be sure of before going big game hunting is your shooting skills. Honing your skills on small game before moving up to big game is endorsed by some of the worlds best hunters.

This makes a lot of sense as a hit on small game is almost always going to result in a kill rather than have a wounded animal dying slowly from infection. Once you can hit that turkey at distance you know you will be capable of making that head shot when you are tracking bear or other big game.

Obviously being a good shot is essential but there is much more to game hunting. Another important skill needed is to have a good understanding of your prey. Great hunters can track and follow their prey for miles, competent hunters know where their prey likes to graze, what its habits are and its prefered surroundings. These skills come by reading, studying and experience.

Not all game hunting involves tracking through woods. A lot of big game hunting is done from a stand. This can be either at ground level or from within a tree. A great deal of patience and determination is required for this type of game hunting. Many a hunter has spent hours stood in the same position without movement waiting for his prey to turn up at its favorite water hole or grazing patch.

Another skill required is choosing the correct equipment. Without the correct powered weapon you risk a poor shot resulting in a charge from a wounded animal and/or a slow death for your prey. Bow hunters should always make sure their bow has sufficient draw weight for the clean kill on the chosen target.

With so many different hunting rifles on the market today its important to make sure your rifle is suitable for the game you are hunting. With famous names such as Remington and Winchester now being joined by brands like Ruger, Weatherby, the Sakko 75 and Tikka T3 hunting rifle there are plenty on offer and all have their fans and detractors alike. Just as long as you are comfortable with your choice and you know it is up to the task.

Pitting your wits against prey in its own environment is what makes game hunting so thrilling. From the moment you spot that track until you have your target in your sights, your heart will be racing with adrenalin. Having the correct equipment with you will help ensure the days game hunting is a successful one.