Galician Cuisine – Roast Sardines with Boiled Potatoes

Quite often when you research information into the various cultures and cuisines that make up countries it is quite possible to find a common theme common name for the food of that country. Such as Indian Food, Chinese Food but when you refer to Spain or to put it possibly more accurately food and recipes that originate from the Country of Spain it is not that straightforward.

The relatively recent unification of Spain as a single political entity is really the main driving force that lies behind this theory as the country is an amalgamation of the various autonomous regions that lie within it. These autonomous regions have been slowly amalgamated through a number of different processes throughout history but have all kept their own distinctive features.

The number of autonomous different regions that form what we would nowadays refer to as Spain is 17; they all have their own linguistic variations of the language, in some cases it’s a different sub language entirely and as well as their own cultures most definitely have their own individual cuisines.

One such extremely distinctive autonomous region is Galicia which is Spain’s most north-western province. Spain’s most westerly autonomous region it is surrounded on two sides by the Atlantic Ocean and as you can imagine for a region that has so much rugged coastline a lot of Galician cuisine is very much based on seafood and seafood based recipes.

That having said not all of Galician cuisine is all seafood based and the region can lay claim to some quite gorgeous recipes and provincial dishes and are all well worth trying out.

The particular recipe that we are looking at today is a nice mix of both cultures within Galatia i.e. we are using sardines which obviously come from the sea but we’re also mixing them with boiled potatoes which obviously represent the agricultural side of the food economy

Lets top talking about the food and get down to business. Let’s eat!

This particular dish makes a delicious second course to a meal and doesn’t actually take too long to prepare. We are going to provide the dish for four people and therefore we will need the following ingredients:

Two dozen Sardines
Coarse Salt
6 Potatoes
1 Bay leaf

Preferably if you can, several hours before you cook this dish if you can take the coarse salt and spread it over the Sardines and leave then it will add a nice touch of pre seasoning to them before you can start cooking the dish.

While you have been doing take the unpeeled potatoes, cut in half and add into a pot of water half covering the potatoes and add some salt and the Bay Leaf.

When the potatoes are almost cooked, drain off the water and finish cooking them either in an oven, on a barbecue or in a flame grill preferably alongside the Sardines. Take the sardines that have been prepared earlier and add them to a barbecue grill or a conventional flame grill and cook.

When the sardines are ready which shouldn’t take too long the potatoes will be ready, mix and you have a delicious meal.