Future Shock: The New Mercedes S-Class Arrives in Style

Every cliché you’ve ever heard about German engineering is true. And this masterfully crafted automobile makes all other cars look like a horse and buggy. Except for the fact, of course, that horse and buggies can’t drive themselves. And the fact this machine looks more like a creation by George Lucas than a Mercedes Benz.

Imagine your car driving you somewhere without your control on the steering wheel or pedal. The new Mercedes Benz S-Class can do just that, at least for a little while. After about ten seconds, the Mercedes Benz S-Class sounds off a subtle chime and you are back at the wheel until the next time you want to play with your new super tech toy. The “auto-pilot” isn’t designed for full-blown flight paths just yet, but for the first time you will have a taste of what Marty McFly circa 2015 felt. And this is just one of the many bells, whistles, tones, and subtle chimes that this supercar boasts.

Your Mercedes Benz dealer isn’t exaggerating. The S-Class has been the paramount of sophisticated styling and new luxury driving tech it’s since invention and this new model is no different. This fall when the brand new 2014 S550 hits the lots, Mercedes Benz enthusiasts will be spending in the low 6 figures for the base model. Going back to the future however could set you back about $150,000.

Beyond the hand cut hardwood styling and the luxurious leather fineries one would expect from a Mercedes S-Class, there are a few trim features one might say are a bit overboard. For example, the car wafts cologne throughout their interior. For $350 extra, this feature, called “active perfuming” can be installed. Active perfuming adjusts the smell of the car’s interior to the driver’s preference. A little extreme, yes, but then again, this car was made to set the bar high and its features are unlike any other vehicle in its segment.

More realistic are features like total radar and digital camera emersion that sense where you are in relation to other vehicles. This major safety feature is the type that will trickle down to more economical Mercedes models, like the way Mercedes’ electronic stability control has become a ubiquitous feature today on all new models. An even safer feature, the new S-Class will “pucker up” before rear impact, because the car knows its surroundings it can anticipate accidents. This prepares drivers for a safer collision by automatically applying the brakes and tightening the seat belts for impact. 

With the technology involved in safely positioning the car and taking control during emergencies, it’s no wonder that the S550’s cruise control option is so sophisticated that it can slow down and match the flow of traffic patterns. That’s right, no more fumbling with an up or down switch or constantly pumping the brakes in rush hour traffic. And while some drivers may take advantage of the autopilot features in order to work during rush hour traffic, others will be too busy enjoying the hot stone massager that’s built into their seats.

The Mercedes Benz S550 is the closest car manufacturers have come to manufacturing a car that drives itself for the marketplace. It’s also the closest they’ve ever come to creating a car that makes traffic and accidents safer and more enjoyable. For more information on the 2012 Mercedes Benz S550, stop by your local Mercedes dealership today.