Future Plans or Dreams?

Dreams and plans have much in common, on the one hand, and a lot of differences, on the other. The thing that unites both dreaming and planning is that they are anchors a person sets for the future. Sure, a person may cherish some dream without any hope that the dream will turn into reality. But the function of such dreams is that they bring some brightness into the lives of people. Plans are more routine-like, and we all are confident to a large extent that we will realize our plans.

So, why are plans and dreams important? And what are the differences between them? There is hardly a person who does not have any plan or has never dreamt of something. That is because people don’t live in the present only. They live in their past and in their future. The past is based on memoirs, while the future – on hopes, plans and dreams. All these things give us a reason to move ahead, to develop ourselves. There is a wise saying, “A man without dreams is like a bird without wings”. As wings are essential for bird’s flying and, consequently, for bird’s life; the same way dreams are essential for a person. Plans are more practical, and they may regard some quite common things, like Saturday shopping or having coffee with friends on Friday; but they may also be long-term plans, career promotion as an example. Dreams, on the other hand, can easily turn into plans, when you know definitely what you want and have an idea of getting what you want. Even crazy dreams, like having a dinner with a favourite Hollywood-star, can be realized if you are indeed about to put them to life. You can, for instance, take part in all TV or magazine quizzes that suggest such exotic prizes. Or you may organize a fan-club of your star and then get acquainted with him/her. At last, you may become a journalist and ask for an interview. Well, options are indeed numerous, despite seeming impossibility. Still, many people have some dreams without a real strive to realize those dreams, because they are sweet fantasy for them and not necessarily have to become reality.

Dreams and plans create motivation for a person, which is essential for moving forward and for person’s new accomplishments. That is why they are so important. When asked, even a kid can say about some cherished desires. They may seem funny to adults, but their meaning is no less significant or even more significant. So, dream, plan and make your life brighter. Just do not forget that life is very unpredictable and the result may be dissatisfying or frustrating. That is not a reason to stop planning or dreaming.