Furnishing A Sunroom

Furnishing A Seasonal Sunroom Is A Snap
Making a sunroom look like a showplace, a rustic lodge or even a recreational getaway for an entire family is relatively easy. These rooms lend themselves to just about any design desired, but in the case of a seasonal room there are some extra concerns that should be addressed in the decorating scheme.

Since a seasonal room might take a little beating from the elements, planning for this is smart. Although rain and snow might not get directly into a seasonal room, the lack of temperature control will mean moisture can, and likely will, be an issue.

With this in mind, there are a few types of furniture that come in all sorts of styles and designs to consider. Depending on the styles chosen, the look can lend itself to a formal atmosphere, or a laid back location that’s simply meant for relaxing.

Any type of furnishing that’s designed to handle a little bit of weather exposure will technically work, but some styles are better suited than others. Using fabrics also requires some careful consideration, but there and again, any fabric will work if some precautions are taken. Cotton throw pillows, for example, can be stored indoors when not in use and so on.

For the furniture, here are some ideas:

Wrought iron – This furnishing is suitable for just about any kind of weather. Depending on the intricacy of the design, wrought iron can be as casual or formal as a room needs to be. Accessories, too, can really dress up or down this type of furniture. For seating, of course, wrought iron will require some cushioning, but its classic look is great in just about any room, sun or not.

PVC furniture – A new look in outdoors type furniture, this style can be whimsical and fun. It’s meant to withstand the elements, too, and does so with ease. Accessories such as cushions and throws can really dress it up and make it more comfortable as well.

Rattan – Also well suited to seasonal sunroom use, this is almost the mainstay of furnishings for porches and sunrooms. Its look is classic, comfortable and if the design is right, simply beautiful.

Regular lawn furnishings – These of course will work, but they don’t give a room the “finished” feel that the others provide or can.

A sunroom without furnishings is simply an empty shell. These rooms can be made to take on whatever look a homeowner desires as long as some common sense considerations are taken into consideration. If weather concerns are addressed, a sunroom can be as laid back or as formal as a homeowner desires.