Funny Facts About Women: Interesting Tidbits About Women Every Man Should Be Aware Of

There are quite a number of funny facts about women that you might want to know. For years, men have been baffled by women. The saying “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars” seems to hold true most of the time. There is nothing bad about this, of course. Most of the time, it’s romantic. Sometimes, it can even be funny.

Talking about the funny facts about women isn’t meant to poke fun at the female species (because men have funny facts about them, too!). This article is only a means to understand what women are all about.

Funny Fact About Women # 1: This, That or Both.

Many women seem to change their minds easily. I have a lot of female friends and this is generally true for them. Sometimes, they’ll say that they’re up for some Chinese food before taking it back and vouching for burgers and fries instead.

I don’t necessarily believe this to be a trait that suggests they can’t make up their minds. Just that they are willing to explore and try out different things. Women are quite flexible when it comes to making decisions and I believe that this helps them deal with stressful situations.

Funny Fact About Women # 2: Nothing is Wrong.

Many women won’t tell you outright that something is wrong. This sort of thing has happened to me and to so many guys all over the world.

You sense something is bothering your girlfriend but when you ask, she mumbles that nothing is wrong. And yet you get the cold shoulder anyway.

Most experienced guys know that this means something is definitely wrong and that they’re (the men) the ones responsible for it. Girls are tough. They won’t let you know what has upset them. You have to be the one to find out and atone for it yourself!

Funny Fact About Women # 3: Mistress of Trick Questions.

Many women are also quite fond of asking trick questions—although they might not necessarily realize what they are doing.

If you have a girlfriend, you must have experienced the “Does this make me look fat” question or something similar to it. The thing is, however you answer this question, you lose.

If you say yes, you’re dead. If you say no, they don’t believe you and you’re still dead. With trick questions like these, you have no real choice but to say that you love them no matter what size they are.

These are just three of the hundred funny facts about women. However strange these characteristics are for men, they are sometimes what endear women to them as well. I guess that’s one funny fact about men.