Fungus Nail

Nail fungal infections occur when there is a fungal growth in and around the nails, nail bed or the nail tips. Fungi attack the nails through small cuts and fissures and then grow and accumulate inside the nails causing nail discoloration, distortion or even thickened nails. Nail fungal infections are common and can often be treated by taking either prescription or over the counter medications or by using effective home remedies.

Nail fungal infection can be extremely painful and if not treated in right time, this can lead to permanently damaged nails or certain serious infections that can affect the other body parts.

Nail fungal infections are recurring. These can sometimes be signals of more serious health problems for people with diabetes or a weak immune system. In case of a diabetic person, the blood circulation to the feet can become impaired. In case of any cuts or sores in the feet or nails, the healing may take a longer time than usual. The site then becomes more susceptible breeding ground for fungus.
Apart from the above-discussed facts, there is another cause of frustration for people suffering from nail fungal infections. And that is the social stigma. Such people can feel embarrassed or low while walking bare foot in public. Often they get so low in self-confidence that they feel ashamed even to discuss it with their physician.

The adage “prevention is the best medicine” holds in the case of nail fungal infections as well. Preventive measures such as maintaining good hands and feet hygiene, keeping short and clean nails, wearing cotton socks, avoiding wet and warm environments etc help keeping fungal infections at bay.

If one has nail fungal infections, then one must seek proper medications in the form of ointments, capsules or other home remedies to get rid of fungi. The best tip is to keep the area of infection dry and clean. Any kind of dampness provides the fungus or the yeast a suitable breeding place to thrive and grow.

Dietary changes are a must so as to ensure that further occurrences of nail fungal infections remain checked. Increasing intake of garlic and yogurt is advisable. Apart from being beneficial in treating fungal infections, both of these are big boosters for the immune system. Fruits and vegetables containing vitamins B, C, D and E are good for maintaining a healthy skin. Oral Supplements for vitamins are also available. Intake of 2 teaspoons of vinegar on a daily basis is known to curb nail fungal infection.

Apart from dietary changes massaging the area of infection with tea-tree oil, lavender or coconut oil is also helpful. Soaking and cleaning the area of infection with hydrogen peroxide or bleaching powder solution is also known to work. These home remedies are helpful and convenient to use. The best part of these home remedies is that they are external applications and there are no side effects, whatsoever.