Fun Ways To Propose Marriage: The 3 Coolest Marriage Proposals

There are many fun ways to propose marriage these days. With technology at your disposal, you can easily gain access to anything and everything. You can look up what other people have done with their own proposals or book special reservations for the big moment.

Don’t let the usual proposals dictate how you plan to pop the question. Below are some examples:

Fun Ways To Propose Marriage # 1: Slide Show Proposal

Create a music video for your loved one. You don’t have to make a complicated video. Just compile some of your wonderful pictures together and arrange them to fit her favorite song.

Then you can insert your proposal at the end of the video. You can set the video to play after dinner or when she gets back from work.

Fun Ways To Propose Marriage # 2: A Grand Display

Making it public is a cool idea. In the past few years, people have enjoyed proposing to their partners in a football stadium during half-time.

Now, others are considering proposing to their special someone on national television. Does your girl have a favorite program? You might want to consider writing to her favorite television show and arranging a proposal there live.

Fun Ways To Propose Marriage # 3: Proposal Commercials

Aside from proposing on her favorite television show, you can also opt to have your own proposal commercial made.

For example, if you know she’s an avid fan of Oprah, then you can schedule your commercial to appear during that time. Just make sure the two of you are together while watching the show; or else, the whole surprise won’t work.

These fun ways to propose marriage are not at all traditional. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix these with conventional ideas. Kneeling down and preparing a beautiful romantic dinner still applies to all