Fun for the Whole Family at Utah Olympic Park

At Deer Valley there are plenty of things to do, but visiting Utah Olympic Park is a must. Located just five miles away from the Deer Valley ski area; this huge park was home to the 2002 Winter Olympic bobsled, luge, skeleton, and some ski jumping events. Even though the Olympics are finished, this park still offers great fun for the entire family both winter and summer. Make sure you schedule this in on your Deer Valley vacation itinerary.

Utah Olympic Park is set in a beautiful spot just minutes from Deer Valley and has something for everyone. During the winter months, individuals who are ready to pay the price can ride �The Comet� on the bobsled track. This intense ride goes up to 80 miles per hour and applies 5G�s on the riders. Once you get your helmet on you travel down the track with two friends and a driver, achieving the 3 mile distance in less than one minute. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it is an amazing experience for the adventurous soul. During the summer months, �The Comet� is equipped with wheels and travels down a concrete track. This ride is not quite as extreme but still fun and less expensive. Other rides that are available for the daring summer visitor include two zip lines that allow you to �zip� high above the beautiful scenery at up to 50 miles per hour and the Quicksilver alpine slide. The alpine slide is relatively new to the park and offers fun for kids as young as three accompanied by an adult.

For those who don’t feel the need for speed, there are plenty of other activities that don�t involve a harness. Only a couple steps from the parking area is the Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center which houses two museums. One gives tourists a nostalgic view of ski history and the 2002 Olympic Museum showcases memorabilia from the olympic games.

Guests are also able to take a guided or self-guided tour of the park to view all of the facilities. Other than the bobsled track, there are 6 Nordic ski jumps and other jumps for freestyle aerials. In the summer months you can watch freestyle aerialists practicing their tricks and flips as they hurtle off a ski jump and into a 750,000-gallon-pool. This pool is utilized during the summer to allow freestyle jumpers to refine their skiing tricks.

Whether you’re interested in experiencing a piece of Olympic history, careening down the bobsled track at incredible speeds, or merely enjoying the fine scenery; Utah Olympic Park has something to offer everyone. Package deals can be obtained for guests who desire to participate in a combination of offered activities.

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