Fun Features of the Nintendo Wii Menu

The long awaited release of the Nintendo Wii arrived with millions of people clamoring to get their hands on this innovative gaming system. The commotion has died down although the Nintendo Wii remains a hot product. One of the reasons this gaming system is so wildly popular is because of the different channels on the Wii menu. This menu is the first of its kind among video game consoles and offers Wii owners much more than just video games.

The Mii channel is one of the most fun features on the Nintendo Wii. On this channel, accessed from the main menu when the console is turned on, 3D caricatures of you and all your friends mingle in the Mii plaza. These Mii’s are easy to create using a simple interface that allows you to customize every imaginable facial feature to surprising accuracy. Not only can 3D likenesses of you and your friends mingle in the menu, but your Mii’s can play alongside each other in games like Wii sports and Wii play. You can control your Mii and bowl, box, play tennis, golf, and other games. You can also see your friends sitting and cheering you on from the side lines in Mii form. The Mii channel is a unique feature of the Nintendo Wii system that provides hours of entertainment in its self.

The photo channel on the Nintendo Wii menu also allows you to view and store photos from your digital camera, camera phone, or other digital device all you need is a SD card. You can insert your SD memory card into the Wii and transfer your pictures right to your TV screen. But Nintendo didn’t stop there; you can also manipulate your pictures in fun and creative ways. You can zoom in and out to explore details, you can create mosaics, slide shows, and even puzzles out of your photos. The Photo Channel adds yet another fun way to play with your Wii.

If you played video games on an old game system as a child chances are you miss some of your favorite vintage games. Nintendo realized this and added the Wii Shop Channel to the Wii menu to bring all the classic video games you loved right to your Wii. On the Wii Shop Channel you can download classic video games from systems that are now obsolete. Games available on the Wii Shop Channel include games from the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and the TurboGrafx 16. Now you can enjoy the games you thought you would never see again right on your Nintendo Wii.

The Nintendo Wii is popular because it offers so much more than just video games. You can create animated likenesses of you and all your friends and play games with them, view and modify photos, and get all your favorite vintage games. These Channels on the Wii menu make the Nintendo Wii a one of a kind system and demonstrates the innovation behind the Wii.