Friendship : What Does It Mean To You?

Has it ever crossed your mind as to why do you spend so much time over your friends? Instead there are a lot of worthwhile things that you could have done. You could have gone through one of the bestsellers or watched something interesting and educative over National Geography. Instead, most of us end up spending the little bit of time that we get, either chatting with our friends over the phone or Internet. Many are also in the habit of dropping into their friend’s place very often. But why do we do all that? Are friends all that important?

When you type in the word friendship into Google, there are a lot of sites that open up, giving you definitions and quotes on friendship. You read through them and get excited over the magical words. You try to analyze the words and fit yourself into the frame of a very good friend.

As toddlers, when we make our way to the school gates, yearning to be back home with mommy, there is someone at the side pulling on our clothes and making us feel that we are not alone but there is somebody who cares. Its like, God sowing the seeds of friendship for us and giving us the charge of nurturing and making it mature, to give it the shape of a beautiful plant and then allow it to grow into a big tree.

As individuals, we are owners of a lot of relationships. We are daughters, sons, husbands, wifes, sisters, brothers and many have more. There is also a commitment towards all these relationships. But with friendship, things are very different. There is a kind of connection between friends that is never to be seen in any other relationship. Even as kids we look out for friends to share our joys and sorrows, no matter how close we are to our mom or grand dad.

Be it as kids or as teenagers, playing pranks have always been the best part of life. Memories of it remain fresh in our minds, no matter how old you grow. We have never played this prank on our own. Friends have always been a part of the mischievous plot. Some left the moment they sensed the danger of being caught. But there were friends who stayed back. Friends who cared. Friends who were even ready to take the blame.

Friendship has always been one of the most beautifully created relationship by God. As teens we have a lot of friends but as we grow up, changes take place. Our friend circle grows but the faces often change. New friends join in but the essence of the relation remains the same. But for some of us, our childhood friends are still our closest allies. We may loose touch owing to our busy schedules but we definitely return back to them in either the holidays or when we find the time. Not everything can be shared with our parents and relatives. But there is very little that we hide from our friends. It’s not that the former will not understand our problem but because the latter will understand better.

Friendship indeed is one of the most beautiful relationships created by God. But this again is like a coin that has two sides to it. Not all friends are of the same kind. Some may be very close whereas some may just drop in to tell you a hello. There may also be many who stay with you to get their work done. Life takes you on a journey where there could be a lot of experiences. These experiences to cry or to laugh will never be complete without friends.