Friends! Are they for Lifetime?

This is a question which must have crossed every person’s mind quite a number of times. Friendship is something which connects people through mutual knowledge, esteem and affection. It revolves around loyalty, empathy , genuine affection for each other and the ability to understand others.
We often think whether our friend really cares and feels for us in the same way that we do. If they indeed do , then you are one of the fortunate people in the world . Today’s world, has become very fast and artificial. What looks apparent from outside may not be the same from inside. People try to take advantage of one another, all in the name of friendship. Friendship somewhere down the line has lost its significance. Friendship at one time meant lots of sacrifice and doing anything for one another come what may .In today’s world it also means hanging around coffee shops, movies, discos and having a good time together . People these days have taken friendships to be a kind of recreation and a medium of spending free and leisure time. It has lost its luster and meaning today because our views regarding what we expect from life and relationships have changed . We sometimes view friendships as a stepping stone to success , At times we become manipulative and try to take advantage of our friends because of the influence they yield in certain social circles .

Friends are people whom you would really like to count upon and trust them for anything. Wouldn’t you raise a smile in the middle of your boring day if a friend suddenly drops by to say a simple Hello. It feels good to know that somebody thinks about you and cares for your feelings. But it also equally important to reciprocate their feelings. A one sided friendship doesn’t last for long. First you need to realize how important is a Friend for us . We need to ask ourselves we if can give something to them without expecting anything in return. A friend who sticks to you through thick and thin is a ‘True Friend’. They love you for what you are and really don’t care about how you look or how you behave. They feel the closest to you and are able to share their inner most thoughts and feelings with you. In hard times when they don’t have anyone to stand by them , They stick with you and try to make things smother for you . Saying “Friends in need is a friend indeed” doesn’t mean anything , it has to be implemented in real life. Friends don’t mean only being there in one another’s good times but also in the bad times as well. A true friend does not try to change you according to their preferences but accepts you as you are .
Such friendships are precious possessions and should be valued by those who have it.
True and good friends are really hard to find, so if you have some, don’t let them go and try to hang on really tight with them. They would be then Friends for a lifetime..
Life will be more enjoyable and the world may seem to be a much better place to live if you have got true Friends who love you and respect you .
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