Frequently Asked Questions – Help Desk Software

Since help desk software is a relatively new concept, a lot of people still have a lot of questions regarding proper use and whether or not it is the best option for their business. Determine the different features and functions so you can see how much money and effort you can save by relying on technology to take care of technological problems. The process makes both your staff and customers happy by attending to their needs completely.

What Can I Expect from Help Desk Software?

There are so many features available for help desk software to ensure that customers and employees stay comfortable. The interface should be easy to use, graphical and intuitive. Clients, technicians and administrators only need to rely on a web browser to use the application in effective programs. The clients can also access regardless of their location as long as they have internet connection and a web browser, even without considering the platform.

You can install the help desk software regardless of the platform or operating system you have. There are installers available for different types. You can be sure that information is safely stored in a relational database that provides a big back-end that manages the increasing needs. Useful software will use good and intelligent business logic to know which technician is responsible for new tickets. You always get the right expert to handle customer concerns with the use of skill-set, work load balancing and skill-set. Requests can be tracked from a variety of entities in the agency to be managed centrally. You will then handle groups and departments well wherever you are.

What are the Things I should Look for in Help Desk Software?

Reliable software gives you proper knowledge on the technology and also encourages independence through self help measures. Clients are usually drawn into a simple interface where they can submit requests, raise concerns and view updates on past requests. The knowledge base can be accessed independently. Custom fields are usually available in the form of popup menus, text boxes and check box that are presented excellently depending on the type of problem selected by the customer.

Look for reliable updates and search capabilities when looking for the right software. You can submit help requests using email to different addresses. Help desk software accounts in email should be monitored by the application and new messages should be used to generate tickets automatically. Requests should be easily updated via email so you can reassign technicians, attach files, add notes and change status. The search capability should track tickets, purchase orders, clients, assets and FAQs very well.

Can I Manage Software and Hardware?

Yes. You can handle both hardware and software, as well as the customers that these are assigned to. You can create relationships among assets so that tracking becomes very easy. Enter the purchase order info for the assets and allow the help desk software to measure lease end dates and warranty. Describe the location, status, type, models and manufacturers of the assets for faster tracking.

You get to manage everything very well with the use of help desk software. Using remote access, you can continue managing all requests and assign the right contact persons to ensure that customers get the info they need specific to their case, and at the right moment.