french antique arm chair

All About Antique French Arm Chairs

The value of a certain antique chairs basically lies on three things: how long it has been in existence (or its age), who made it and how (or its design), and how much history and what stories it tells. These are the three factors that earn an antique chair plus points when sold at an auction house.

The older the chair, the higher the price. If it contained some etches and doodles by Leonardo Da Vinci, then it is all the more expensive. And if the likes of Marie Antoinette or Napoleon Bonaparte once sat on it, then its worth definitely skyrockets.

Antique French arm chairs are not difficult to find because it was in Europe where the finer things in terms of furniture probably originated. Thus, if you own an antique French chair, you are sure to be holding not just a collectible item or a piece of art, but a potential gold mine. Antique French chairs, depending on the factors mentioned are worth a fortune.

What makes a French arm chair qualify as an antique? The US government states that anything at least a hundred years old can already be considered an antique, though there are some auction houses that would be satisfied with just fifty years. Again, its value lies on its age.

For every factor satisfied in the four mentioned, your chair earns a point, making it more expensive. Thus, if you want to find out the maximum worth your antique French chair can fetch, then you must do your research. Better yet, have it appraised by professionals.

The French are known for their sophisticated style and designs, so your chair should reflect these characteristics. The design principle rests on intricacy, uniqueness, and quality. If you French chair is really an antique, then you will have no problem finding a buyer for it. There are people who will bite at the first mention of anything French. The attachment of the word ‘antique’ boosts its attractiveness.

Given the above conditions, are you sure you really want to sell your antique French chair now? Remember, its value rises with the passing of time. If you have no immediate need for the money, then you might want to consider holding on to this piece of furniture for a longer time. Antique French arm chairs are not difficult to find, yes, but the really good ones are. If your chair falls into this category, then it would be most prudent to keep it for now.