Free Self Hypnosis And You Never Even Asked

Think you’ve never been hypnotized? Think again…

We’ve all been hypnotized to some extent and this free self hypnosis may well be stopping you live the life you deserve.

Your thoughts and your beliefs create your reality. So what if you’ve been hypnotized to believe things that may not be true? …the world around you would just be an illusion or a tainted perception of reality. Let me explain…

Hypnosis works but putting you in a relaxed and focused trance which allows you to communicate directly to your subconscious. This part of your mind is
extremely powerful and allows you limitless potential. It is like a slave who will obey your every command, which is why it is so important the commands are positive.

People are put into hypnotic trances every day, for instance when you’re driving, reading a book or watching a movie. Children are particularly succeptible to hypnosis. Ever tried to get your child’s attention when they are watching their favorite tv program?

Unfortunately it is often through our childhood and most vulnerable time, we are unwittingly being hypnotized. This programming is often negative and can stay with us throughout our life.

Parents, teachers and society repeatedly tell us what we can and can’t do. Our subsconscious picks up on this and it becomes our reality.

If you truly want to tap into your unlimited power, you must understand what is holding you back. Quite often our own efforts are being self sabotaged, we may say we want to be wealthy but then we stop ourselves doing what is needed. This may well be down to some deep rooted beliefs that were programmed into your mind as a child. e.g money doesn’t grow on trees, the love of money is evil.

You have to uncover these false beliefs. A life of awareness, abundance and fulfillment is a life without restrictions. And ironically one of the best ways to remove the damaging hypnosis which is holding you back is to reprogram your mind with positive hypnosis.

Self hypnosis and hypnotherapy has helped improve millions of lives. And hypnosis used in a positive way can reduce your stress, improve your memory, increase your learning ability, break bad habits and addictions, help you sleep better and much more.

One final thought. If you have children, choose your words very carefully. Try not to use the word ‘can’t’. Encourage them, install a belief in them that
anything is possible. Do you want to help program their minds for success, or failure?