Free Self Help Article

This a free self help article with ways to motivate you to take the steps you have been meaning to take but have put off for whatever reasons. Lets face it no one is going to come to your door and give you a million dollars. Whatever you want in life you are going to have to go out and get. Life gives you what you ask for.

What are you missing in your life? Write down a list of things you want but do not have yet. Be specific, and be sure why you want those things. Next take out the ones which maybe self destructive and the ones that maybe self destructive to others. Next describe in detail how you would feel if you were to receive those things you wanted. For example, if you wrote you wanted a brand new Mercedes Benz get into more detail. What color? What model? What would the inside smell like? What would be the first CD you would play in your new Mercedes Benz? Who would you show your car to first? So you would write something like this: My new Mercedes Benz would be a black on black CLK 500. I would blast my Rolling Stones Greatest Hits CD first. All of my friends from work would be the first to see my new black on black Mercedes. Go through this process for each thing you want but do not have. After you have completed your list, read it out loud once a day. As you are reading it out loud actually imagine yourself already having your item on the list. Doing this on a consist basis will not make the items on your list pop out of no where. What it will do is give you the drive to go out and get the things on the list. If you cannot afford them you will start to think of ways you can afford them.

Hopefully this free self help article helped out somewhat. Your mind gives you whatever results you ask of it. Whatever you truly think of yourself your mind will help that visualization come true. So it is best to fill your thoughts with upbeat and positive thoughts.