Free Relationship Advice For Men

Men, you can no longer can club a woman across the head and drag her to your cave. If you want a relationship with a woman, there’s some advice you need to follow. When you follow this help, you’ll have women walking into your cave at their will.

As hard as it to believe sometimes being a man, women are humans. They make up half of the world’s population. And what is it that all humans want in relationships? We all want to feel great. Women especially love being around men who make them feel great. I’m talking at an emotional, not physical, level.

When a woman is talking with her friends, if you made her feel great, she will brag about you. “Well, what did you talk about?” her friends ask. “I don’t know. I just felt great!” she replies. If you make people feel great, they don’t have to remember what you did, what you said, or how you said it. They will remember how you make them feel.

What’s some relationship advice to make women feel great? Contrary to what most communication experts teach, I don’t advise men to compliment a woman unless you’re clearly in a relationship with her. Giving compliments subtracts from your power, something women wish their man had more of.

One of the best ways to make a woman feel great is to be funny. You don’t want to be a clown, because women don’t go to the circus for a relationship, but humor is a universally attractive quality. The type of humor I recommend you develop is cocky and funny. It gently teases. One example is saying, “Stop looking at me like a piece of meat”, with a sly smile.

Another piece of relationship advice men need to take to have better relationships with women is to stop giving advice. It’s advice to stop giving advice.

As men, we feel compelled to solve problems. We fix cars. Repair homes. Recover lost data from computers. And even gives each other advice on careers, dating, and other areas.

It may surprise you that when a woman talks to you about a problem, she isn’t after you to solve it. When we apply our problem-solving mindset to relationships with women, they become dejected. They wonder why their man just won’t listen. A woman doesn’t share her problems to have them solved – she only wants empathy and understanding. We all want to be understood.

The cure to the advice-giving syndrome is to emphatically listen. The active listening skills I encourage you to use in your relationships is not one of silence as you bite your tongue and resist giving advice. Focus on your partner, reflect her words and feeling, and enter her reality. It can be uncomfortable, but she will thank you for it.

Men, follow this free relationship advice and you will develop good relationships with women. Unless you want the police arresting you, put that club away and follow these lessons.