Free Public Domain Books

Free Public Domain Books, Anyone?

When an intellectual property restriction or copyright of a certain work expires, they enter into the public domain category. When this happens, people can access them for free. Thus, free public domain books.

Free public domain books are basically works that talk about innovation or additional knowledge. They range from art, writing and music to inventions that were done in a creative and unique manner. No one is allowed to gain full access to them when they are still copyrighted. But once the date dictated on them has passed, people can therefore exploit and use these works legally for research and understanding.

Most of these public domain books are usually accompanied with letters of permission that grant them to be to be used by anyone after the restrictions are expired. Oftentimes, you see read about:

1. The permission the author has given for his or her work to be put in public domain. That person grants everyone the right to use that certain work without any conditions required.

2. The holder of the copyright releasing a specific work because the copyright has already expired. When the extension for copyright is not possible, the public is given access to the works which they do not have the right to use before.

What does this all signify?

This basically means that you can gain access to unlimited information and resources. You can use these free public domain books to develop an idea or to back up a concept that you have been working on for some time.

Another good idea is to use these free public domain books to earn some additional income. All you need to do is learn how to access these works and resell them to other people. Believe it. This is already happening.

For some of those who want to keep their works private, there are some steps to take in order not to have your works put into and labeled as a free public domain book.
Some of these are:

1. Trademarks.

Trademarks are renewable. If renewal fees are constantly updated and paid, the owner is given the right to defend the registration and use the trademark continuously.

Big companies make use of trademarks in order to avoid people copying or imitating their brand. Anyone that is caught doing otherwise will be punished by the law that protects the use of trademarks.

2. Patents.

Owners may apply for patent up to one year after a certain work has been put into public domain. Patenting the work is one way of preventing others by doing it once they realize its value.

Patents are very important for those writers or inventors that need to have sole ownership of what they have made and created.

3. Trade secrets.

Every company or business has a trade secret that should not be made public. These trade secrets are guarded carefully so that they will remain in private possession.

Even if some of them are released in public domain whether with a permission or not, the owner still has the right to apply for a patent for it once proven that it is his or her own.

Knowing about these factors will make it easy for you to distinguish your right when it comes to free public domain books. There are lots of them out there. Make sure that you find and use one that is legally and rightfully given out.