Fractionating Laser – Does What the Fraxel Laser does?

You see ads and offers for whiz-bang fractionating lasers and wonder—do they mean Fraxel? Are they the same thing? Unless you ask and find out it’s a Fraxel, it’s not.

Doctors and spas all over are noticing the increased interest in cosmetic procedures, and many laser companies have responded to the demand. They’ve made it easy for anybody to offer what sounds like the latest and greatest in technology.

This isn’t surprising—because the genuine Fraxel laser does provide a remarkable new technology for reversing the effects of age and sun damage on the skin. Working below the skin’s surface layer, which it leaves intact, the Fraxel targets only certain cells (this is the “fractionating” part). Perfectly computer-controlled and evenly distributed, the laser penetrates to thousands of tiny packets of damaged collagen and eliminates these cells—and this stimulates the skin to replace them by producing new, fresh collagen and elastic tissue.

The result? Smoother skin texture, reduced pore size, toned and tightened skin. The Fraxel laser erases brown spots, including melasma (the “mask of pregnancy”) and smoothes wrinkles. It’s the leading treatment for acne scars. And, because of its technological sophistication, a Fraxel laser treatment involves no recovery time.

So—is it any wonder some doctors want you to think their “fractionating laser” does what the Fraxel laser does?

A true skin expert will invest in the real deal—such as the actual Fraxel SR 1500. Those who wish to take shortcuts will buy what is essentially a “box” with many handpieces available. This saves them from having to invest in the lasers these handpieces imitate. To try to imitate the Fraxel, they’ll buy a “fractionating handpiece.” Then they’ll claim this is just as good and produces the same results.

Well, imitation is a form of flattery. Unfortunately for the consumer, these devices simply can’t produce the same results. In fact, sometimes they’ll produce circles and stripes—or worse yet, burns. Many operate at wavelengths that experts don’t consider fractional at all.

The true Fraxel can be individualized to each client’s needs, and delivers safe, uniform, and outstanding results. But there’s no quick and easy route for doctors to use this advanced technology: specialized training is the only way to learn how best to tailor the Fraxel laser treatment for each client.

It’s in your interest as a consumer to make sure you’re getting both the genuine state-of-the-art technology, and the knowledgeable and properly trained professional to operate it. A Board Certified Dermatologist will understand your skin’s needs and the best treatment. Be sure to ask—and make sure you’re getting a genuine Fraxel laser treatment.