Four Potential Health Benefits of Green Tea

Almost everyday we seem to read about another potential benefit of green tea. It appears that an endless stream of information is appearing about another study with yet another ailment that green tea could potentialy fix. The following four are some of the most amazing areas of research being done with green tea at the moment.

Green Tea and Cancer

Cancer prevention is one of the potential health benefits of green tea. Asian communities who consume green tea have displayed significantly lower levels of cancer per recent studies. Further research is being undertaken. based on the possible correlation between the lower risk of cancer and a regular consumption of green tea. There has been studies on humans and animals showing encouraging benefits with green tea.

Preliminary findings propose that the health benefits of green tea may defend against cancer in many of the bodys vital organs. These organs include the urinary bladder, the entire lower and upper digestive tract, and pancreas.

Your Hearts Friend

A leading health benefit of green tea is the antioxidants found in green tea. These antioxidants have have the potential benefits of minimizing levels of cholesterol, reducing cardiac disease and controlling hypertension. Those in the case study drank 8 and a half ounces of green tea daily. By the end of the 25 year study participants had a reduced level of heart attacks in contrast to those who did not drink the green tea.

Additional studies show that antioxidants were helpful in reducing the blood cells from bonding. The possibilities of this health benefit would be the minimizing of clotting which might lead to strokes and heart disease.

Green Tea and Arthritis

A health benefit of green tea is the potential prevention and soothing of arthritis and its painful effects. Studies have shown a strong ingredient of green tea to be its ability to function as an agent to minimize inflammation. Certain studies indicate that the antioxidants in green tea delay the arthritic process as well as reduce the painful symptoms of those afflicted with arthritis.

Protecting Your Liver

A health benefit of green tea is the potential protection of the liver. Preliminary research suggests a strong correlation between the antioxidants found in green tea and the function of the liver. The liver performs as a filter within the body and cleanses the body of toxins. These toxins can be from the ingredients found in alcohol, the air we breathe, food eaten, water consumed, cigarettes smoked, and so on. The health benefits of green tea strongly suggest a protection of the cells that comprise the liver as well as stimulating and strengthening the immune system within the body.

You can imagine that with the amount of individuals afflicted with cancer, heart problems, arthritis, or liver problems that green tea has the potential to really benefit a large amount of people.