Four Diabetes Tips – Use Them to Control Your Diabetes

The diabetes disease and me. Sounds like a bad movie. Maybe part of my excursion of having diabetes has been a bad flick. Let me tell you why I say that. You may have experienced a somewhat of a similar situation.

When I went to my doctor in Oakland New Jersey about two and half years ago (November 2004) for my yearly physical he told me that my blood sugar levels were a little high and I should do something about it. I ignored his advice. I thought that this blood sugar could be addressed by exercise and taking more vitamins. With no game plan I stayed the course. Meaning I did what I always did. That was eating what I want, when I want and how much I want.

Over time my blood sugar level naturally increased because I was living in denial about my disease. It wasn’t until my blood sugar level reached 325 that I decided to embrace this disease and take it on head first. This article is about what has worked for me.

Diabetes disease tip number one
My favorite strategy to use when treating the diabetes disease is to separate good and bad fats in the foods I eat. Bad fats like trans and saturated occupy a very small amount of my diet. The good fats like poly and unsaturated fats comprise a much larger segment of my diet. This remedy has been a blessing for me. The neuropathy in my feet has lessened and I feel like I have more energy. So in a nutshell – eating more raw foods low in fat will help to control your diabetes.

Diabetes disease tip number two
As a supplement to altering my diet I have taken herbs Fenugreek, Gymnema Sylvestre and Stable Sugar to reduce my blood sugar levels. These three products helped to accomplish what I wanted. I suggest taking these in conjunction to other remedies. My tip is that these herbs will help but they will not totally cure you of your diabetes disease. They can work in conjunction to altering your diet.

Diabetes disease tip number three
Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. This is part of my treatment program. I am sure you have heard about the benefits of working out. I have noticed for myself that when do some strenuous workouts that my blood sugar level responds much more favorably as to when I do a light workout. Training your body is a strong tip that can only benefit you.

Diabetes disease tip number four
Learning to relax has helped me relieve stress in my life. Stress can only make diabetes worse. Stress seems to make many things worse. I have gained some wisdom in this area. When a car cuts me off or when I miss an elevator to take me to a floor 25 stories high I say to myself something like “I am better for it.” I am still learning to address this even more. I have meditated, which calms me down. Slowing my body and mind down has helped me. My tip is to take some time out of each day to relax and be with yourself. You ARE good to be with. Learn to take it easy.

So in a nutshell my 4 tips are:
Eat foods that support your cause. Stay away from fats that make it hard for your blood to flow and high sugar content foods.
Exercise, keeps your body moving.
Use herbs and supplements to aid your mission.
Relax. Find the time to take it easy.

If this subject is of interest to you then you will want to listen to the free MP3 done by Patrick Lecky, The Diabetic Warrior. He talks about how he lost over 100 pounds and gained control of his diabetes