Forever Young

A well-dressed lady approached me at the podium. I had just completed my lecture, “Overcoming the Fears of Success,” to a group of professional women. “What you said is wonderful for these ladies, but I am 64 years old and I don’t have a goal,” said the elderly professional. I looked lovingly into her eyes and replied, “I suggest that you set a goal. It is important to have reasons to be alive.”

The woman seemed inspired by my words. I never saw her again so I cannot tell you what she chose to do. However, I can pass this message on to you.

I continually hear about men and women who work their whole lives looking forward to retirement. Within a few years, they are diagnosed with a serious illness and/or made their transition.

I am 66 years young and retirement is not in my vocabulary. My hair is still the original auburn hue, and I am healthy, slim, active, and having fun. I have a mission that is keeping me young and vibrant. It is to help people to “love themselves to peace,” which I believe is the key to health, happiness, success, and world peace. I fulfill my mission by my writings, healing sessions, lectures, and interviews. I also am a teacher of the therapy I developed and I intend to do all that until the day I leave this planet.

To reach my goal and to feel good, I take care of my body by meditating, getting enough sleep, exercising, walking, eating healthy foods, drinking lots of purified water, and taking the appropriate supplements. I also balance my life by socializing and playing.

I also pay attention to my thoughts and feelings and use my HART (Holistic And Rapid Transformation) process to let go of my fears and shift back into my love and joy space. I am convinced that there are basically only two emotions and they are fear and love. Fear causes contraction, stress, and dis-ease, and love creates peace, expansion and health.

Therefore, my major goal is to be in my love space and be kind to others and myself. I also laugh a lot which is very healing. I see the humor in life situations and I usually watch television programs and movies that are inspirational or funny and touch me in the heart (romantic comedies).

I hope that I have inspired you to live forever young. Your goal does not have to be a major one like mine to help you enjoy a quality, healthy life. It could be to: wake up each morning and choose love rather than fear; create a wonderful garden; organize social groups; help children read; be a surrogate grandparent to a child in need; write your memoirs; travel; volunteer for various good causes; and/or start a small mail order business with a product you believe is making a difference in peoples lives. The list is endless and is only limited by your desires. Believe in yourself and stay mentally, physically, and socially active. The world needs your love, caring, and joy. You need the same to be forever young.

The following guidelines offer more ways to enjoy to a long, fulfilling, healthy life.

Forever Young

I am:

Looking for the humor in situations and I laugh heartily.

Forgiving others and myself when I am not pleased with what happens.

Realizing that being responsible includes resting and playing.

Daily looking for ways I can express love and caring to others and myself.

Accepting that I make a difference with my positive thoughts, words, and actions.

Living in moderation and giving my body what it needs to be healthy.

Focusing on the quality of life, which is doing my best to express all that I am.

Grateful to be alive, and choosing to enjoy each precious day.