For Smokers Only

Hello, I’m a smoker; I’ve been smoking for over 30 years and I know how most of you would feel. I have tried to quite on several occasions but the patch did not work, the gums worked for about 3 months, then life kicked me in the rear end and I started smoking again. It is depressing every time you try to quite there is one set back after the other, lets face it, I do not have the will power to just quite. I know that I am not alone. Most smokers lack the will power to quite even though we understand the risk and dangers of smoking. This may be the worst thing about smoking; after I see and hear about lung cancer, I will still light up a cigarette, I will feel terrible about it but you know how that feels; you can see it and hear it and you still light up. We are all in the same boat; we are addicted. The addiction always over rides our reasoning.
Every time I go into the doctor’s office or the dentist’s office I have to listen to the risks and dangers. I try to stop them from repeating what I already know but they continue to plead their case and always ask if I agree with what they are saying, and as you know, we do because we know without a shadow of a doubt that if we keep smoking it will probably kill us in the end. I know this because I smoke. Doctor’s and dentists do care about us and that’s why they continue to plead with us to quite, but if you are not a smoker you do not understand the addiction.
Technology is wonderful, advancements are made every day that benefit mankind and now you can smoke cleaner and greener, there are still risks but they are dramatically lessened with this technology. Cigarettes as you may already know contain 599 chemicals, how would you feel if you could smoke and only inhale 2 chemicals plus water? Would you be willing to take a serious look at it?
As a responsible adult you have the right to smoke, you have the right to make your own decisions and I’ll tell you this, I’m not asking you to stop smoking, just look into an alternative cigarette that uses water vapor, it feels like you are smoking, it tastes like you are smoking, and it looks like you are smoking. There are no carcinogens or second hand smoke, no toxins, no trash, no fire, if you drop it while you’re driving its ok, because it is not lit.
It may be cliché but opportunities come and go and this is an opportunity for your health and life; it is still your decision to make.
How would you feel if you meet someone new and you did not smell like a cigarette?
How would you feel going to a party and not having to worry about poisoning the non-smokers with second hand smoke?
How would you feel starting down a healthier path?
How would you feel if your house stopped smelling like an ash tray?
How would you feel if your cloths stopped smelling like cigarettes?
How would you feel if you stopped poisoning your children in your home?
How would you’re children, family and friends feel about your change?
How would you feel helping others to feel the same way?
How would all of that feel to you?

I can tell you from experience the feelings are like no other – it is extraordinary!