For Low Cost Travel Hints – Great Melbourne Sight Seeing Tips

Melbourne in Victoria Australia, or Vic as it is known to the locals, is a great place to visit. You will find that along with cheap Melbourne hotels, which make your stay very economical already, there are also many trips or tours that are low cost or in some cases even free! If you are not sure whether Melbourne is the place for you for your next holiday I hope the information contained here will help make the decision easier for you.

Listed here are those sites, attractions or travel options that will cost you very little, if anything at all. All of which will provide different experiences and therefore suiting different people. You should find something in this range of options interests you when you get the experience of visiting Melbourne. If it is not listed here then do some more research, Melbourne is a great holiday destination.

The Ian Potter Centre – NGV Australia:

A visit to the Ian Potter Centre is well worth the trip. Located in Federation Square with free entry what more could you ask for? Here you will find a great selection of the world’s finest art in a gallery dedicated to Australian art. There is a rotation of exhibitions representing the majority of Australia’s greats and many times featuring special showings of Australia’s most significant and recognised works.

Melbourne City Circle Tram:

Taking a trip on the tram allows you to get a great introduction into the city. The tram runs a daily circuit of Melbourne and passes by a great deal of attractions during the daily circuit. With onboard commentary to give you some additional information about the area and the best of all, the tram is a free hop on hop off service.

The City Circle tram operates in a circular route and the trams run in both directions with a tram passing you by every twelve minutes or so from 10am – 9pm Thursday to Saturday and 10am to 6pm Sunday to Wednesday.

The Clockwise service is: Flinders Street > Harbour Esplanade > Docklands Drive > La Trobe Street > Victoria Street > Nicholson Street > Spring Street > Flinders Street and the anti-clockwise service passes the same stops running in reverse order.

So if you stay in cheap Melbourne hotels, vic or Victoria for the tourists, you will find that with the City Circle tram giving you free travel you can have a very low cost holiday!

Crown Casino:

You can stay here as long as you want and whether you spend anything or not of course depends on you. There are restaurants and shopping stores as well as of course plenty of gambling on offer, so take care! If you do plan to take in the Crown Casino, you may find that all your savings on other tours or attractions are “thrown away” in the Casino!

Flinders Street Station:

This is considered to be possibly Melbourne’s most recognised landmark. Flinders Street Station is the central focal point for the transportation network within Melbourne. This is a very popular meeting point and is open from 5am to 3am every day.

Federation Square:

Opposite Flinders Street Station you will find Federation Square. Home to a unique mix of striking architecturally designed buildings right between the Melbourne CBD and the Parks and Gardens across the Yarra River. Federation Square is a great place for lunch or a coffee break before or after your visit to the Ian Potter Centre.

These are just a few of the attractions available in Melbourne, there are much more alternative options available and we have not discussed any of the very popular beaches either. So what ever you do, where ever you stay within Melbourne and what ever your budget you will find cheap hotels in Melbourne and even cheaper sight seeing options. The locals are friendly and the services are great so if you hadn’t quite made up your mind about a trip to Melbourne hopefully this information convinces you to take the opportunity to visit.