Foot Problems

As we tend to spend a large amount of our time on our feet it is quite normal to develop various types of foot problems. These foot problems can be in many cases very painful requiring special treatment from a foot doctor.

In order to treat these foot problems it is best to identify what is causing your foot pain. With Bunions the problem is that your big toe is enlargened and it is very swollen, tender and painful. The causes of Bunions is as of yet unknown. It is known however that you can inherit Bunions from your family. Ill fitting shoes can also give bunions. There’s also the fact the Bunions can develop without any known cause.

You can also develop foot problems in you heels. While this heel pain is very common, it can begin without any injury being caused to the foot. You will usually feel the pain under the heel of the foot. It is generally present when you are standing or walking. The time that the pain is the worst is when you are getting out of bed. The cause of these foot problems is that the tissues on the sole of the foot have become inflamed. The place where the inflammation is the worst is the heel area.

Morton’s Neuroma is yet another type of foot problem. With Morton’s Neuroma the nerve that is between the 3rd and 4th toes becomes constricted and pinched. Morton’s Neuroma is a build up of extra tissue in the nerve. This extra buildup of nerve tissue can be very painful.

Corns and calluses are other foot problems that are caused by pressure being exerted on the skin of your foot. They occur when bones of the foot are pressed against the shoe’s surface or even when two of your foot bones are pressed together. Usually you will get corns and calluses on your big toe and also the little toe. Calluses can form underneath the ends of the foot bones. Soft corns can occur between the toes.

Hammertoes are another type of foot problem. Hammertoes are a permanent sideways bend in the joint of your middle toe. Hammertoes can be made worse by wearing tight shoes and you will usually feel pain on the top of the toe and at the end of the toe.

Plantar warts are the last of the foot problems. These warts occur on the soles of the foot. They are an infection by certain viruses. Plantar warts grow inward. The wart can’t grow outward. The reason is because of the weight that’s placed on it when you stand. You may experience severe pain when you are walking.

While all of these foot problems are treatable it’s best to know more about them so that you don’t repeat the mistakes that lead you to having them in the first place. While the pain in the foot problems can be severe it’s not life threatening which can make you feel somewhat better!