Foot Fungus

At some period of our lives we have had various problems with our feet. Athlete’s foot is just one type of foot fungus that we can get. These foot funguses not only cause health problems they also make our lives difficult because we must continually find the right types of medications to get rid of the foot fungus.

The many treatments that are available are of a topical nature. That is they must be applied to the external area of the foot, on the infected area. As these topical treatments are of a chemical nature they can only treat the area they have been applied to and only for that particular period of time.

This means that with a topical treatment you will need to apply the medicine to the infected area as you have been instructed. Should you miss even one application dose, then the length of time that it will take to remove the infection will be even longer. The reason for this is that as the treatment begins to work your body displaces the now rejected yet still infectious, foot fungus.

Now even though a layer of infectious foot fungus has been taken away from your body there is yet another infected layer of foot fungus that is still attached to the body. To remove this layer you will need to apply the topical treatment at the right time. As this cycle of continued topical treatment begins to take effect healthy skin can be seen.

Now if you decide that with the appearance of this healthy skin that you are cured of your foot fungus and you stop the treatment prematurely the remaining infected fungus will jump to the new and healthy skin. Since this new skin layer does not have any immunity against the foot fungus your problems will start all over again.

Therefore to get rid of your foot fungus problems completely you will need to continue with the treatment until your podiatrist can safely assure you that the infection has been cured. This is the only real way to deal with the problems of foot fungus.

Therefore if you do have any problems with your feet and you suspect that you may have a foot fungus it is best to visit your podiatrist early. That way the right treatment can be given to you and you can start getting rid of your foot fungus problems. You do need to remember that for your topical foot medication to be effective you must continue with the treatment until the infected foot fungus is completely disappeared.