Foot Callous Removal

At some time or other you will have had a callous growing on your feet. As callouses are a thickening of skin on your feet due to pressure and friction they sometimes can cause problems when we need to go somewhere in covered shoes. There are some simple things that you can due to remove this discomfort. The best thing would be foot callous removal.

The first step towards foot callous removal is to wear open toed shoes or covered shoes that have a wide area for the toes. This will reduce the pressure and the friction that is placed on the foot. Other ways of removing a callous is to use a callous foot sander. This device removes the thick and dry skin around the callous by gently sanding it away.

You can also use a large pored mineral sponge for the foot callous removal. The mineral substances in the sponge slowly degrade the hard skin around the callous until the callous is completely removed.

Another type of item that is used for foot callous removal is that of a corn and callous plane or a knife. This item should be used with care as you can hurt yourself while you are removing the callous. You use the callous plane to gently cut off the dead, thick skin on the callous so that it can be rubbed with a moisturizer to prevent the hard regrowth of the callous.

After trying all of these treatments if your callouses are still there and causing you some pain then you should visit a podiatrist’s to see if there is any way that your foot callous can be removed and the previously affected area treated. Usually podiatrists will prescribe topical medications for you to apply. However if your callouses are very painful then they might try another method of foot callous removal.

The new methods of treatment that are indicated are debridement. Should this treatment still not give you the satisfaction of foot callous removal then a surgical correction will be needed.

As callouses are our body’s response to the types of shoes that we wear we need to change our footwear first so that more callouses do not have a chance of growing on our feet. Then we need to gently soften the dry, thick skin with podiatrist approved moistening lotions so that the implements like foot callous removal sanders will not have to work too hard to dissolve the growth. It’s only when these treatments refuse to work that we should consult with a podiatrist about our problems. Until that time you should keep trying to find an effective foot callous removal method, or barring that spend on a new pair of callous proof shoes.