Follow Your Calling

Each of us comes to the moment when he thinks about the things that lead us in our life. These things are essential and serve us as beacons. They may be different and sometimes controversial. No single viewpoint can be attributed to all cases. However, most would agree that if a person’s calling becomes a beacon, it is really great. Why? That is because we all need some things, some activities that would help us to realize our aspirations and thus would promote our individual self-actualization. Not so many people can say that they live according to their calling. It is indeed interesting to look at this problem and see how it can be solved.

Every person has some specific talents and inclinations, some abilities and interests. As Ralph Waldo Emerson precisely expressed, “Each man has his own vocation; his talent is his call. There is one direction in which all space is open to him”. Being able to follow this one direction is great happiness and blessing, inasmuch as doing something you enjoy is really fantastic. And it does not really matter whether you are a top-manager of world-wide corporation or a gardener, a nation’s leader or a waiter. What matters is what you give and what you feel when doing this or that job. If you feel you are at your place you may consider yourself happy. Indeed, not so many people can say the same thing about themselves. Why does it happen? Well, first of all, not many people are ready and are able to determine what their calling is when they just graduate from the school. They may find themselves at a loss; and no wonder that they either listen to their parents’ words or ask some friends for a piece of advice. Moreover, they may just follow social stereotypes and go to university to get a degree in some prestigious sphere. It’s no good as long as it correlates with their abilities and talents. If it does not, such students may find themselves in the depression because they are in the hostile, as it seems to them, environment. Frankly speaking, sometimes adult people are not aware of what they would like to do as well. What piece of advice can be suggested? In any case, it is good to listen to your inner voice, recollect what kinds of activities bring you most enjoyment. Sometimes, it is even good to talk to parents and ask about your childhood and your favorite activities of that period. There are numerous tests that might be helpful when deciding your profession inclinations. However, only you yourself can determine what your calling is and make a right choice.

If you want to be satisfied with your life, you should definitely follow your calling, your inner aspirations and put them in life. This will bring you not only success, but satisfaction and will promote your personal development, which means you do not live in vain.