Focus Only On Doing What God Has Chosen You To Do

If we all did the work we were most inspired to do and truly desire and enjoy doing, then we would be giving our best gifts to the universe. All of us would benefit from each other’s best gifts. The world would truly be the best place we could live in. Each of us is not really doing our own work, but we are doing the work of the universe. The universe has chosen and created each of us to do a certain part of the work. We have been inbuilt with the inner knowing of what that part is by our heart’s desire and joy.

You are not here to do the work of another but your own. You are not irresponsible when you do not try to take care of everything. In fact, you are truly most responsible when you take care of what you truly care about. You are truly responsible when you focus only on being responsible for what is your responsibility rather than trying to take on the responsibilities that belong to others and the universe. By trying to be responsible for everything, you are neglecting the areas that you are truly responsible for.

The things that you truly care about are what the universe has placed in your heart to take care of. If it is a certain person, a group of people, a passion, a business, a calling, a mission that you really care about, then that is what the universe has chosen and created for you to give yourself to. We are not guided by outside influences as to what we are supposed to do in this world, but we are guided from the inside, from the desire of the heart which is the voice of spirit. All we have to do is to listen to it.

So what about the other things in the universe that has to be taken cared of? Well God has chosen and created others to take care of those things. He has placed in them the heart’s desires to do those things. They are automatically driven in those directions, and it is what they most enjoy and they feel truly happy when they engage in those areas. When we each do the work we’re meant to do, it comes naturally to us. We do not have to try to bring ourselves to do it, but we just do exactly what we like.

An apple tree only produces apples. It does not try to produce oranges. What it does comes from a place of being. It produces apples because it is an apple tree. It is simply expressing what it is by doing what it was chosen and created to do. Even if it saw people who needed oranges instead of apples, it refuses to create oranges. It continues to create apples no matter how much people plead and beg for it to create oranges. An apple tree does its own thing and lets the orange tree produce oranges.

If you do not get in touch with the purpose that God has placed in your heart for you to live for, you will be pulled in the direction of another person’s agenda. The whole world is filled with people who seek to get other people to help them accomplish what they want. If you do not work for your own vision, you will be working for the vision of another. You will never be truly happy as long as you are doing the work of another instead of your own. Know what your vision is and commit all your actions wholly to it.

Since we are all meant to create according to our own vision in life, then why do we help others with their vision or have others help us with ours? It is because that is where our visions connect and overlap. We can choose to help each other in areas where we have a shared vision. Therefore by helping them with their vision, you are really helping yourself with your vision. You will know where your vision is shared with another when you both enjoy working to create for the same purpose in this world.

Ultimately everything we do is for a larger purpose in the universe. But within that larger purpose, there are smaller purposes which make it up. We are all created individually to take care of the smaller purposes so that together, all our portions would form the perfect and complete whole. The best way to live life is to think cosmically and to work locally. It is to understand the bigger picture of all things, but to focus only on doing our part within that picture. When each does its best, the whole is best.

You do not have to give your energy in helping everybody who comes your way. There are those whom you feel more inclined to helping. You do not have to love everybody. You can express a universal love for all, but there are those whom you wish to give your personal love to. Give your energy and love to those whom you care more about, and let others give their energy and love to those they care more about. In so doing, everyone would be loving whom they are meant to love and be totally happy about it.

You cannot please everybody and you don’t have to. You’re not here to please men but to please God, which is the aspect of yourself that is seeking divine expression through you in the world. Do not expect others to do what is not in their heart to do just because it is in your own heart to do and wish for them to do as well. Do not allow others to make you do what is not in your own heart to do just because it is in theirs. Every need would be taken cared of when we do our part and let others do theirs.