Focus On Strength

We all have strengths and weaknesses, with potentials and limitations, with peaks and valleys. Either it’s a human being or a non living thing; they all have strengths and weaknesses at the same time.
There are many people from different backgrounds in this world. They all are human. However, some of them really make a difference and stand out. They make progress after progress and they succeed in life. Question is what makes them different than others and what makes them real achievers?
Answer is simple,
“Be Focused On Your Strengths & On Strengths of Others at the same time.”
When we think and act based on our strengths, potentials and peaks, we create excellence in our daily plan of actions that ultimately brings vital achievements and peace in our lives or vice versa as per the law “As you sow, so shall you reap!!”
Let’s take an example of medicines. Medicines serve to heal diseases (Strength) and do have side effects (Weakness) at the same time. However, it is quite evident that the strength of medicine overshadows its own weaknesses and serves the ultimate purpose of its manufacturing. Same is the case with Humans. If we continue to focus on our strengths & potentials, we ultimately overshadow our own weaknesses, shortcomings & limitations.
Our strengths lead us towards success and weaknesses towards loss. We have to decide; either we want to win or to lose. Look for the beautiful gifts of strengths & potentials planted in you, use them to plan and act accordingly. You will win the game!!

“It’s the abilities, not the disabilities that count.”