Fluoride-Enzyme Poisoner for Dental Health.

When the teeth of fluorine-treated individuals are examined chemically they are found to be composed of calcium fluoride instead of calcium carbonate. It is commonly said fluorine makes the tooth harder. This is utterly false. It actually makes the tooth softer. It doesn’t decay as readily because calcium fluoride is less soluble to acids than is calcium carbonate and decay starts in an acid environment.

The investigators who first reported lesser decay rates in who first reported lesser decay rates in towns having naturally higher fluorine content in their waters failed to check the water and soil for other mineral values. Lo and behold, when they finally did so they found calcium, magnesium and a host of elements were also present in greater amounts. On top of that they found foods and animals grown in these areas had higher mineral values and were far healthier than in comparable communities. Somehow, not one of those proposing the use of fluoride could see that these higher mineral food values were dual companion reasons for the immunity to dental caries that resulted.

It is stated that many areas of the country have one part per million and even more of fluoride occurring naturally in their water supplies. This is true, but the nature it usually occurs in the form of calcium fluoride while sodium fluoride is what is put into water supplies. Chemists say there is no difference, between natural and chemically added sodium fluoride. I think natural calcium fluoride or other fluoride compounds do have synergistic effects which makes it inherently different when ingested than the chemical, sodium fluoride.

Any dentist who has taken care of cavities in people from high fluoride areas(yes, they still get cavities) as I did in Texas during the war know that they are much easier to cut with the dental drill. The mottling disfigurement of the teeth that occurs in one out of ten is something the victims abhor and would give anything to correct particularly if it occurs in a front tooth.

Fluoride-Enzyme Poisoner. This chemical, fluoride, is also known to be an enzyme poison that affects a number of important metabolism activities. One example is its effect on the enzymes that help us to understand the role of phosphorous in the utilization of carbohydrates. This somewhat similar to what occurs in diabetics because of a shortage of insulin. Other enzymes that can be inhibited by the presence of fluorine are pancreatic lipase, cytochrome oxidase, catalase, alkaline phosphatase, and others.

Enzymes are important to digestion and utilization of food and many other body chemistry activities. Calcium and magnesium utilization is inhibited by fluoride. It is not easy to discuss how these enzymes affect food and many other body chemistry activities. It is not easy to discuss how these enzymes affect food and its digestion but these factors are now being studied.

Fluorine taken during pregnancy is considered by some to be responsible for 30% increase in mongolism. Healthy, decay-free teeth are possible without fluorine. The sugar and cereal industries are all for anything that will encourage you to buy more of their pretty boxed trash. Decay of teeth is primarily a result of dietary indiscretions. Even if it were possible to reduce tooth decay by artificial means one must still consider all the other health problems that bad dietary habits produce.

I have found that those who use fluoridated waters or fluorine dental office treatments usually think it is now okay to eat all that junk food because their teeth won’t decay. That isn’t how it works. The best reduction figures are 40% less decay. That means instead of six cavities one would have two or three. However, if sugar use is increased the number of cavities could go up in proportion.

I did not use it in any way for my daughters when they were growing up. In the beginning the junk foods. When we learned to stop the sweets and substitute wholesome, natural foods, the tooth decay stopped and it remained absent without any fluorine treatment. Not only did tooth decay stop,but enlarged ugly tonsils shrunk to normal size and became healthy in color. In addition, colds and other ailments were reduced considerably.

Dr. John Lee and the Martin County Medical Association researched the amounts of fluoride in average dietaries and found most people were getting more in their food than the recommended one part per million. Therefore adding it to water is resulting in more than what is considered optimal to be ingested. Then, too, some people drink lots of water while others do very little thus varying the amount ingested. How physicians and dentists can recommend the control of a disease by a method that doesn’t control the dosage baffles me no end.

Copyright (c) 2007 Sung Lee, and George Meinig D.D.S