Fluid Reality Allows Change Of Past And Future

When you are not aware of something that no other humans are aware of either, then that portion of your environment becomes fluid, much like an unobserved particle becomes a wave function, an enfolded hologram. When no one else in the world was thinking about something then it is in a wave state including all possibilities. But the moment anyone focuses their attention on it, the thing reverts to a non-wave state.

When it comes to the fluid nature of elements in one’s own reality, it is not enough to merely close one’s eyes, but actually disengage one’s freewill from it by entirely forgetting about that element. This frees it up for influence by other forces. This is why after you set an intention, you have to undergo a period of temporary forgetting, to let it go out of the conscious mind and allow the subconscious to take over its manifestation. To be detached and letting God make it happen. Set it and forget about it.

Thus, the less aware and alert you are, the more malleable or fluid your reality is to other beings who wish to change it without violating your freewill. Having awareness of something locks it down, then only alterable by direct physical action, or only by metaphysical action on the part of beings with more freewill than you who wisely override your lockdown of that element of reality to ensure your learning lessons flow in smooth sequence.

Therefore, fluidity of your reality is not necessarily detrimental, for most of reality creation requires such fluidity before reality can be reshuffled into what you demand or request. The trick is in becoming aware of all possible changes so that you will lock them down to prevent influence from lower negative forces, and then stating your request specifically and honestly, which opens up one of those possibilities to fluidity. If your request is specific enough, lower negative forces cannot take advantage of that fluidity because it only flows in a direction that is as you specified, without loopholes or opportunity for negative twisting.

The reason behind surprising synchronicities is that synchronicities in general happen most easily when that aspect of reality is fluid. It is fluid because you are unaware of it, which in turn leads to its surprising nature when the requested change materializes. If you make a request, then keep expecting it to materialize, never allowing that possibility to become fluid due to your constant obsessing and lack of faith whether it happens or not, if your request is indeed to be fulfilled, it must happen through elements of your reality that are still fluid, not locked down by your constant expecting, and thus consist of elements you are not aware of, which will seem surprising when they create a given synchronicity.

This leads to the core issue of how reality works and how synchronicities happen. What we know to be physical reality is nothing but a shared dream maintained by the collective consciousness of all who participate in this reality. The collective consciousness is bound via a central coordinating mechanism that may be called the Grand Matrix of physicality. Within this physical universe exist minor matrices, including that overlaying the earth, known as the earth grid. This is a local mechanism interfacing with the collective consciousness of humanity to maintain reality on earth as we know it. Like Einstein said, reality is illusion, albeit a persistent one. Its persistence makes it objective for all practical purposes, but its illusory nature makes it malleable enough to be influenced by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Our reality consists not only of the present state of things, but our perceived past as well. The sum of our present and past states of recorded personal existence comprise a particular timeline. We are conditioned to accept that the past is written in stone, and are divided over whether the future is fated, or if it is open. In truth, it is open because we have freewill to change it, or rather, choose which future we manifest by our actions and metaphysical influences.

Those who think the future is alterable are comfortable with the idea of shifting through probable futures, but most are bothered by the idea of a shifting past. In actuality, the liquidity of the future is exactly the same as liquidity of the past. Causality only applies within timelines, and can be thrown out the window if you move between timelines and have your memories and anything that records the past, rearranged in the process.

Many think the future is variable due to freewill because until we have chosen our next move the future remains open. With a single application of freewill the distribution of possible futures shifts as some are prevented while others are created. But what most do not realize is that freewill doesn’t just affect the future, it can change the past and present as well. For example, a synchronicity can be created in direct response to a decision you make now, but tracing back the synchronicity reveals it to be the culmination of a series of cause and effect that may have started yesterday. Prior to making your present choice, yesterday may have been different. That is why our prayers can be answered even before we pray and miracles can happen even when there was no time for them to be set up. Freewill can change causality in linear time.

Freewill is the only universal constant, the rest is causality. A causal chain is finite as it begins and ends with choice. Freewill is the only true cause, all else is purely effect. You can’t change a choice you have already made in the past, but a present choice can alter the aspects of your reality timeline that is not anchored by your conscious awareness. The finalized version of events recorded in the memory function will be altered from shifting timelines once your present choice is made. The present is a fulcrum between past and future. A shift in the fulcrum will affect both. How we apply our freewill now has consequences that can span both ways on the timeline.

The acausal phenomenon of synchronicity ensures that nothing ever succeeds in preventing individuals from choosing to fulfill their destinies. The Higher Self can override any actions, laws, or limits endangering that fulfillment because nothing can undermine its purpose, which is to indirectly assist and accelerate the spiritual evolution of physical incarnates. Consequently, those taking fated risks need not search for safety nets to catch them because failure is never a possibility in such cases. All that is needed is the knowledge of which choices to avoid and the desire to transcend the limits of ordinary reality. Life then falls into place synchronistically.