Florida Water Sports Information

When people think about visiting Florida on vacation, they tend to think of only a few things. Beyond the beaches and the amusement parks, they’re not sure what else to do in the state that’s known for its sunshine and oranges. Ask any native, however, and you’ll find there’s a lot more to do in the water than just swim at the beaches.

Florida’s water sports industry is alive and kicking almost 365 days a year. With a whole host of activities beyond the beach, there’s a little something for everyone. Depending on what part of the state you visit, you’ll find the water in Florida is ideal for:

* Water skiing. With access to the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, rivers and a slew of lakes, the state is famous for its water skiing action. Here visitors can even view professional skiers doing their stuff in places like Cypress Gardens.
* Wake boarding. A bit different than water skiing, but not much, this sport combines the fast action of skiing with the fun of surfing.
* Boating. The boating opportunities in the state are simply phenomenal. Depending on what body of water a boat is launched into, a visitor might just see an alligator or two, a manatee or even a school of dolphin playing in the channels off the Gulf of Mexico.
* Diving. The state is home to some of the best underwater diving in the world. With the reefs off the Florida Keys to the underwater caves in North Florida, just about every region in the state has a different underwater site to be explored.
* Fishing. When it comes to fishing, Florida just can’t be beat. With quarry that ranges from fresh water trout to salt water sharks, the species variety is mind boggling. Here visitors will find lots of opportunities for deep sea trips and even simple angling adventures in local bodies of water. Plus, there are a number of piers ideal for fishing.
* Surfing. It might not be Hawaii, but the beaches on Florida’s east coast are known for some major surf action. Catching the waves is more than possible and with famous surf locations like Ft. Lauderdale, Melbourne and Daytona, fun is sure to be had.

While sunning on the beach is fun, there’s more to Florida’s waters than just swimming. With a whole host of activities offered year round, the great outdoors and especially the great waterways are just one of the reasons why Florida is a great tourist destination.

Source: https://positivearticles.com