Florida Keys Houseboating

Rental Houseboats in Florida Keys

Florida is one of America’s vacation hot spots because of its warm weather and sunny skies. Houseboat rentals are available in the Florida Keys, so you can enjoy the ocean views while soaking up the sunny rays. There is a great variety of wildlife in and around the keys, so make sure you have a camera ready to take snap shots.

Whenever you think of Florida, the perfect beaches, clear waters, and dolphins come to mind. Imagine experiencing all of those while renting your own houseboat. The Florida Keys offers you plenty of boating space. Most of the houseboats that the marinas offer are loaded with the best features out there, so it will be like staying in a floating high priced hotel room. The marina’s staff should offer you some guidance on how to maneuver the boat as well as some basic guidelines for boater safety. So even if you have never captained a boat before, you will learn rather quickly with their help.

At the end of the day, you will be able to dock at a secluded cove and have the ability to watch the beautiful sunset. Even after it become dark, you can sleep on the upper deck to see the spectacular night sky. It will be a truly unique experience for those who try it. Renting a houseboat allows you to decide where you want to dock each night. You will also be able to barbecue or check out one of the local restaurants nearby.

Whenever you rent a houseboat in the Florida Keys, you will be limited to only riding around the bayside of the keys. Most marinas will not allow you to ride oceanside, so make sure you follow their guidelines. There is still a lot of water for you to swim and fish from and tons of sandy beaches for you to explore.

There is a flat rate for most houseboat rentals because they have a minimum rental of 3 or 4 days. Unfortunately the Florida Keys marinas do not allow you to rent a houseboat for 1 day, but other types of boat rentals are available if necessary. Expect to pay around $1,500 for a 3 day houseboat rental in the Florida Keys. This is rather cheap considering the costs of a hotel on the beach front.

Renting a houseboat from one of Florida’s marinas will be a trip your family will never forget. Those that love the wilderness, camping, and fishing will be in awe while renting a houseboat.

Source: https://positivearticles.com