Floral Waters have the Basic Substances of the Flora and Fauna

Floral waters are resonance of the nature itself. They are the water condensate that is left over after the extraction of essential oils by water or steam distillation. Thus, floral waters are totally aromatic waters containing every essence of the plant itself.

When we extract the essential oils by water or steam distillation, some of the aromatic and healing quality remains left over the waters which do not get captured as the oils. These substances do not go in vain, however and contains quantities of essential oil plus many of the water-soluble (hydrophilic) parts of the plant. Hence, it is also used to cure and curb so many mental and physical problems.

There are floral waters where essential oils are used with alcohol addition and things alike to make its effect more charming. But, the real charm of floral waters is thus locked and in fact, there is no use of adding essential oils in them since many plant constituents that are already present in the floral waters, are absent in the oils. So, itÂ’s of no use to have these kinds of synthetic and compound floral waters.

Aroma-therapeutic uses

Floral waters are highly effective as well as versatile and can be used for a good many personal uses with the uses around the household itself. For the skin care, Rose, Orange Blossom (Neroli) and Lavender floral waters are great for juicing up dry skin and cooling hot and sensitive skin. For the sun burns, lavender floral waters are the best things because they are cooling as well as soothing plus healing. Used after the final rinse while doing shampoo, floral waters have got a healthy condition effect.

Also, floral waters are particularly the best to be used in the summer. During the summer, you can use them as cooling body mist and the most cooling of them are the peppermint floral waters. And, to calm down a restless baby, use a few tablespoons of Lavender or Chamomile floral waters into the bathwater. Rose or Neroli floral waters you can try in the final rinse of your shower to have a calming effect. Use the floral waters as the linen spray while ironing and add some fragrance into the aura. These floral waters are also better than the aerosols to refresh the home-air.

Floral waters have got the added advantage over the simple water or even the essential oils and are better compounds of the nature itself. They are certain to be beneficial since they contain the qualities of plants which give life-breath to human beings.